Coffin case accused sentenced harshly in High Court – coffin sage was actually a political propaganda

Willem Jackson, 30, has been sentenced for 11 years and Theo Oosthuizen, 29, has sentenced  for 14 years in the High Court in Middelburg on Friday morning.

The two former farm foreman’s  were convicted of five charges in August in the so-called coffin case.

This followed after the assault on Delton Sithole and Victor Mlotshwa in separate incidents  in the Blinkpan district outside Middelburg in August 2016. They were also convicted of attempted murder, kidnapping and intimidation.

Jackson was also found guilty of justice obstruction of justice because he burned the coffin in which they forced Mlotshwa to destroy evidence.

Oosthuizen argued at the hearing that they caught Mlotshwa with stolen copper wire. When they confronted him about it, Mlotshwa made threats towards their wives and crops.

They then forced him into a coffin. A video of the incident came to light later on that the accused took with a cellphone.

These two young men may be jailed for years because they have protected their land and family. It is obvious that white South Africans are severely punished for none significant incidents while the true criminal who steals, rapes, kills and breaks are still at large.

Let’s take this scenario and exchange the role players. Two black farm premiers put white men in coffin. This story would not have made the headlines  in the media.

South Africa’s legal system is one-sided and in the end this whole coffin sage was actually a political propaganda.

The controversial coffin case has degenerated in a massive political propaganda campaign in the court case that took place this week.

The complainant acknowledges that he is unemployed and maintained by the ANC. He also admitted that the ANC paid for his counseling.

The street in front of the court was blocked by an ANC modified trailer with the party’s colors and equipped with speakers and a DJ. On the trailer, a fake coffin was glued to the pictures of the two accused. If the party propaganda is ignored, it is clear: “Vote ANC.” Deafening music provides inspiration for the screaming mass.

It was clear that the matter is an ANC campaign to derive the attention of pressure on the uncertain ANC and try to create anti-white propaganda in the service of the struggling ANC.

Within the court, the prosecutor declared that it is about nation building threatened by the accused; Outside the court, the so-called nation-building process is broken down by the hatred-bearing anti-white party propaganda of the ruling party’s supporters.

While the show takes place, the left-wing media, newspapers, and TV, the willing lapdogs to optimize the hate campaign against whites with the unilateral sensational reporting.


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