CNN Caught Redhanded Faking News

Trump was right

The Communist Nobnews Network has again been caught faking news. This time in London where they set up and staged an Anti-Islamist protest by a group of Muslims “creating a narrative”.

CNN caught red handed faking news

The narrative they wanted to create was, “Look…they are not all bad. Some of them are on our side. They even have sympathy with us.”

…Utter Bollocks!

CNN caught faking news after the London attacks

Of course CNN denied it all, despite being filmed doing so.

Nothing new. During Apartheid they did the same thing…Threw sweets and money in rubbish bins and had black kids dig it out to show the world how Apartheid oppressed the poor blacks and they would photograph blacks sleeping on the lawn in Joubert Park and tell the world these are dead blacks killed by evil whites and look at how the evil whites simply walk past…

See, back in the days of Apartheid CNN and the BBC got away with it, because they basically had a monopoly on carrying video cameras around, but times have changed. Everyone has a cell phone nowadays, which means everyone is carrying a video camera around. People have GoPro’s and dash cams…You do something wrong, you can be almost 100% sure, someone is filming you and will be uploading it to the interwebs in seconds.

The time of the lying media thinking they can be faking and manipulating public opinion is over. There will be other versions of the stories, not just their version.

The solution is simple; Stop trying to bullshit people and just tell the truth. Unfortunately I am afraid that the likes of CNN are incapable of doing just that.

By Mike Smith
6th of June 2017

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