Civil War In South Africa! When works of art are burnt in the streets, the communists want war…

The iconic historical image of art and books being burnt in streets has been a portent of war throughout the centuries when sensitised rabid crowds destroy… In South Africa more people die than during the Iraq war. Just because the enemy is not wearing uniforms nor are the victims fighting back, does not mean it is not a war…

UCT “Students” (if they are actually real students), certainly want war, by burning historical art works pulled from the walls of University of Cape Town. A board in the foreground has the word WAR painted on it… the week after a person who was not even a student, wore a T-shirt bearing the words “Kill All Whites” in the UCT dining hall. Clearly someone is hard at work at UCT manipulating for war. These are mostly “born frees”, people born AFTER the end of apartheid…

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Kill all whites

Are the authorities running scared? Have they lost control or are they complicit in it all hoping for collateral damage to whites?

The communists always said they will dig up the white man and kill him again.

Removing the statues of Rhodes and any other arbitrary signs of historical white presence, is digging up the white man and killing him again… …they will keep bashing up the dead white man.



Clearly “Useful Idiots” as defined by Karl Marx, a founder of Communism, in this case, the militant black africans and their traitorous spineless white comrades (who think that because their urges are being indulged they are right), are too emotional and brainwashed to realise they are being manipulated by a higher evil force, so it will have to be done the hard way as always… so rabidly keen are they to “trend” they would deliberately call purple black on the off chance of fame. destroy two students lives and then pretend they made a mistake. Innuendo 101.

After all it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled…

With local elections around the corner, we might not even get to the ballot box, but that is after all the “African Way”…

Meanwhile at Pretoria University Afrikaans students, (who actually want to study because they have to pay to be there, unlike most black students), are caught in crossfire again. These students have said they have the right to defend themselves:

AfriForum Tuks will do everything in their power to protect Afrikaans students and their rights and already have safety structures in place that can be deployed when students are in danger. The organisation is also looking at ways to ensure students’ right to education, as well as education in Afrikaans.

This follows statements made by the EFF that they will make the University of Pretoria ungovernable if they fail to cease Afrikaans as a medium of instruction.

During the # FeesMustFall protests in October 2015, protesters disrupted classes and violently chased students out of classrooms. These students were stripped of their right to education and AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that the University neglected to protect students sufficiently.

“Students have the right to defend themselves. AfriForum Youth will support any student who defend themselves against protesters and are subsequently sued,” said Morné Mostert, National Project Coordinator for AfriForum Youth.
They submitted a letter to UP’s management approximately two weeks ago in which the organisation warns the University about a possible attack on Afrikaans students.

All over the protest ridden country, communist commissars are hard at work agitating the moderates into violence in scores dozens of venues every day, and any excuse will do…
…a hallmark of ANC intimidation for many decades where even during the so called anti-apartheid “struggle”, moderates were necklaced, (Winnie Mandela’s invention where a tyre doused with petrol is put around your neck and set alight).

The useful Idiots will no doubt submit to being cannon fodder as the mass media are complicit and too scared to tell it as it is for fear of being called racists… another weapon devised by communists to shut people up which has so effectively been implemented by the racist regime.

It has worked wonders and the perfect storm is erupting all around us… worldwide…

Are you ready?

Don Deon



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