Christmas bonus for motorists will reward consumers with an extra few rands in their wallet – AA predicts big discounts for motorists

The “Black Friday” scam – no big bargains for consumers

Extremist political party BLF Declares War On White South Africans!?

Eskom are in deep trouble, they are going to shuts down 11 power station units, load shedding imminent!

Wonderful news from AfriForum:- they want to spend EFF funds to fight land grabs

BREAKING NEWS: The constitutional review committee has adopted the report to allow for land expropriation without compensation despite objections from DA and smaller parties

With the Land Expropriation issues on the table here’s your complete guide from the ANC to what will happen in 2019

Racial discrimination: South-Africans can now get free shares in Discovery Bank by depositing money with it – that is of course only if you are Black!

Book about Tsafendas is another attack against apartheid – Why now?

Criminals in ranks! – Gauteng SAPD officers, amongst truck hijacking suspects – What is becoming of the SAPD force one has to ask?

EFF leader Julius Malema best known anti-white, hate speech ranting villain is receiving blue-light protection – at the cost of the taxpayer – where is the protection for the farmers of the white South African Minority Group?

Some official good news for motorists:- Petrol prices set to be slashed in December

The murder of Siam Lee: Shocking details of her murder emerge in court

Julius Malema’s debt just gets bigger and more in respect of Afriforum after a miserable day in court:- PAYBACK THE MONEY JUJU

Farm attack: Farmer shot 8 times in front of children, terrorists open fire on kids