Criminals in ranks! – Gauteng SAPD officers, amongst truck hijacking suspects – What is becoming of the SAPD force one has to ask?

The murder of Siam Lee: Shocking details of her murder emerge in court

Cape Town’s warning to Festive Season motorists:- Pay outstanding fines or risk arrest

Corruption in the South African police force are getting out of hand – 9 officers arrested on charges of corruption

South Africans can no longer count on police service to keep criminals of the street- Old police officer helps criminal who faces 28 charges of rape and murder to escape from prison

Give back what you stole! –Supreme Court decreed that Zuma must “pay back the money”  for his legal costs

EFF WHEELS COMING OFF – Malema’s party is facing serous legitimacy problems

UPDATE:- Hannah Cornelius trial: Judgement set to be handed down on Wednesday (today)

Some good news for a change, Zuma’s legal bills won’t be footed by the taxpayer, he must cough up R25 million to settle his legal costs

Tom Moyane: the devil incarnate! – described himself as the best Sars commissioner in the democratic era even though his mismanagement lead to revenue shortfalls and the country being hit with a VAT increase this year

SAPS and politicians blame the upsurge in crime in SA to immigrants‚ unemployment and gangs – Once again a great big thanks to the ANC!

WATCH | #BlackMonday: Farm murder protesters set to ask Donald Trump for help

Marginalised Minorities are Gatvol in The Cape as Gatvol Capetonians Gathers Momentum…

SAPS constable caught in action when trying to smuggle drugs and weapons into Western-Cape prison

Brits police officer was arrested last week for his alleged involvement in a cash-in-transit heist