Cameron To Push 650 Troops Into NATO Baltic Forces To Bolster The NWO Anti-Putin Drive

David Cameron declared that Britain will remain at the heart of NATO, despite leaving the EU and announced that 650 troops are to be deployed in a new drive to counter Vladimir Putin. In an attempt to counter fears that Brexit will diminish the UK’s standing on the world stage, Cameron  will tell  a summit in Warsaw that the country will continue to play an “essential” role in NATO. 

His message to gathered world leaders will be that Britain’s commitment to ensuring peace in Europe is “not in doubt”, despite uncertainty about its EU relationship, government sources said.  To back up the rhetoric,  Cameron will announce a “three-pronged” commitment to NATO that will see 500 British soldiers sent to Estonia, 150 to Poland and 3,000 placed on call as part of a rapid-response unit.  He will also deliver a warning to Mr Putin, saying the troop deployments show the UK will stand “shoulder to shoulder” with its (NWO) allies in the face of Russian “aggression. “  The summit is the first time  Cameron will have seen Barack Obama, the US (illegal) President, since Britain voted to leave the EU last month, despite the pair’s joint warning during the campaign.


Critics of Brexit said a vote to leave the EU would amount to Britain “pulling up the drawbridge” and retreating from its leading position on the world stage.  Despite his warnings before the vote,  Cameron is expected to issue a clear message that Britain remains “committed ”  militarily to NATO and to defending Europe’s security.  “This will be a summit where you will see Britain assert itself as one of the most crucial elements in the NATO alliance,” one official said. “Not only are we going to be steadfast in our support of NATO, but we are prepared to back that up with boots on the ground.”  Cameron will announce the deployments as part of a wider drive by NATO.  Britain is also to take over the leadership of the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task (VJTF) from next year, with 3,000 troops in the UK and Germany on standby to move with as little as five days’ notice.

The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade will provide the land headquarters and there will be an armored infantry battle group from the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment – with Challenger 2 tanks and Warrior armored fighting vehicles – and a light infantry battle group from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. The move comes amid continuing concerns among the Western alliance regarding the intentions of President Putin following Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Asked about what  Cameron’s message to Russia would be, a government source said: “It’s a combination of defense and dialogue. We can’t close the door on Russia, we have to engage in dialogue with them.  “But Russia must be in no doubt that the NATO forces are lined up in Europe and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other.”The Prime Minister is also expected to repeat Britain’s commitment to Nato’s target of spending two percent of GDP on defense – a promise  Cameron adopted after last year’s general election following pressure from America. “There can be no backsliding on this issue,” said a UK official.  During the summit, which is the first since Britain hosted the group in Wales two years ago,  Cameron is also expected to hold a series of bilateral meetings with world leaders.



Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen here addressing journalists from world news agencies during Russia’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), last June 17th, 2016. He explains that Russia is being provoked to a breaking point and that if the current situation continues, the outcome could be a devastating nuclear conflict.

Currently, there are 31,000 NATO troops training for battle with Russia in the Baltic states, right along Russia’s Western border. US drones are being piloted from Ukraine over to Crimea, which has been Russian territory since a 2014 referendum, in which 90% of voters chose to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia, of which it has been a territory off and on for approximately a millennium. Many of these drones have been shot down or hijacked via radio, as the frequencies on which they’re operating are open and they’re easily hijacked.

The act of flying military planes over foreign territory without announcing yourself is a casus belli: an act of war – yet, Russia has shown total restraint during countless provocations. These include the $5B of US tax dollars spent on destroying Russia’s neighbor, Ukraine, in a coup d’état which established a puppet“government” in Kiev, largely governed by blatant and open Nazis. Further, Putin complains that the United States and Netherlands falsely blamed the shoot-down of the commercial flight, Malaysia Flight 17 on the Russian army, which he flatly denies. (There is a lot of proof to clear Russia in this tragic crash). 


Yet, Washington’s PR machine became the owner of the narrative in this series of tragedies. Bogus allegations of Russian ‘aggression’ caused economic sanctions to be placed on Moscow, aiming to de-link Europe’s economy from that of Russia and to weaken Russia’s energy dependent economy by denying it their export markets. The US State Department’s ultimate aim is to ensure that Europe remaindependent on Washington through agreements, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which stipulates US gas shipments to Europe and oil from the Middle East. Russia had previously been making significant inroads into the EU markets with their gas and oil, whose sale is now prohibited under false pretenses.

OPEC oil from the Middle East is sold in dollars and it supports the currency of US global hegemony. The mainstream corporate media in the West repeats the scripted accusations against Russia as fact, while ignoring the trail of unconscionable  and ruthless devastation wrought by illegal US interventions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, among others. The US has around 800 military bases in over 100 countries and military personnel in almost 150 countries. US spending on its military is more than that of the rest of the world, combined, outspending China by 6 to 1. US covert activity since the end of WWII has destabilized dozens of governments and resulted in the estimated deaths of between six and ten million people in the ‘developing’ world. The US has continuously broken agreements made with Russia/the USSR, over the past two decades by moving into Eastern Europe and encircling Russia,installing missile systems that aim toward it. Iran has also been surrounded by military bases. Pakistan has been completely destabilized, along with countries in Africa, the latter for the purposes of weakening Chinese trade and investment. Eventually, the goal is to ‘pivot’ militarily towards Asia and encircle China, as well.

Washington’s endgame for Russia is to permanently weaken it so that it submits to US hegemony. War hawks, like Hillary Clinton are on record supporting so-called “limited” nuclear exchange. Washington actually believes it can win a nuclear conflict with Russia, no longer regarding nuclear weapons as a last resort but part of a conventional strategy, to be used pre-emptivelyUnfortunately, most members of the Western public are unaware of this and believe the lies pushed by the Mainstream Media.Ask yourself what the US response would be if Russia had put its missiles in Canada near the US border and had actively destabilized Mexico and was planning on putting missiles there too – in addition to applying economic sanctions for ‘aggressions’ that the US did not commit?

If the current situation continues, the outcome could be a devastating nuclear conflict. Washington poured five billion dollars into Ukraine with the aim of eventually instigating a coup on Russia’s doorstep. Washington and NATO are supporting proxy forces on the ground to kill and drive out those who are demanding autonomy from the US puppet regime in Kiev. Hundreds of thousands have fled across the border into Russia.Yet it is Washington that accuses Moscow of invading Ukraine, of having had a hand in the downing of a commercial airliner and of ‘invading’ Ukraine based on no evidence at all – trial by media courtesy of Washington’s PR machine. As a result of this Russian ‘aggression’, Washington slapped sanctions on Moscow.

Washington’s game plan for Russia is to destroy is as a functioning state or to permanently weaken it so it submits to US hegemony. While the mainstream media in the West set out to revive the Cold War mentality and demonize Russia, Washington believes it can actually win a nuclear conflict with Russia. Washington is accusing Russia of violating Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty, while the US has its military, mercenary and intelligence personnel inside Ukraine. It is moreover putting troops in Poland, engaging in ‘war games’ close to Russia and has pushed through a ‘Russian anti-aggression’ act that portrays Russia as an “aggressor ” in order to give Ukraine de facto membership of NATO and thus full military support, advice and assistance.Washington presses ahead regardless as Russia begins to undermine dollar hegemony by trading oil and gas and goods in rubles and other currencies. And history shows that whenever a country threatens the dollar, the US does not idly stand by.Unfortunately, most members of the Western public believe the lies being fed to them. This results from the corporate media amounting to little more than an extension of Washington’s propaganda arm. The PNAC, under the pretext of some bogus ‘war on terror’, is partly built on gullible, easily led public opinion, which is fanned by emotive outbursts from politicians and the media. We have a Pavlov’s dog public and media, which respond on cue to the moralistic bleating of politicians who rely on the public’s ignorance to facilitate war and conflict. If Putin is reacting in a certain way, it is worth wondering what the US response would be if Russia ha d put its missiles in Canada near the US border, had destabilized Mexico and was talking about putting missiles there too. To top it off, imagine if Russia were applying sanctions on the US for all of this ‘aggression’.

The modern United States only goes to war against 3rd world countries and militaries that can barely defend themselves. Russia would strike back though, as would China. The NATO warmongers know this. They’re like rabid dogs that come up to your gate, bark loudly and froth at the mouth, but they wont go any further.But the Nobel prize winner for peace, Obama,  says everything is just fine. 
You would think that the Western audience would pay attention to the words coming out of the mouth of the most powerful and respected leader in the world. Who knows, maybe there is a media blockade on anything that’s not Russophobic; if that’s the case, then the West is doomed to repeat Napoleon and Hitler’s mistakes yet again, although Hitler was forced to attack Russia, which is what the US/UK wanted from the beginning. (Read ‘The Myth of the Good War’ by Jacques R. Pauwels) Putin has been exposing the west for a long time, but he has never been so direct with his message. Couldn’t be any more clear than this. And it’s quite frightening. It’s not even the United Sates puppets “leading” the country. It’s theZionist Jew scumbags behind them. Every  media, every  company, ever piece of mainstream  news,- they own it all. All the globalist bullshit, the “ open borders” and liberal lunacy and everything it has produced in the past 30-40 years (LGBT, trans bullshit, feminism = deterioration of society) is the direct result of the Jew zionists  organizing and financing it.

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