Cabinet Ministers set for 4% pay rise as reward for tanking the economy

Unfortunately, it’s not April Fool’s Day. We are deadly serious when we tell you that political heavyweights who’ve overseen a slump in the South African economy are set to receive a 4% pay rise.

In a year of recession, junk-status and a declared tax shortfall of R50bn, it seems like our top brass have found a reason to pat themselves on the back. That’s according to a report by The Star, shared by IOL.

The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers have recommended that salaries for Cabinet Members and MPs will rise between 4 – 4.5%. The payments will even be backdated to April.

What do South African MPs earn after the pay rise?

Jacob Zuma will make R2.98 million a year. He remains the 6th-highest paid leader in the world
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa rakes in R2.82 million, a rise of R110,000 annually.
Chief Justice Mogoeng Moegoeng and National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete would go on to both make R2.8 million
Cabinet Ministers can expect to enjoy an extra R82,000 to play with at the end of the next financial year, earning an annual sum of R2.4 million. Their deputies will have to make do with R1.9 million a year
Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane is set to make R1.5 million next year
All other Members of Parliament will have a 4.5% increase in pay, taking them to earnings of R1.1 million.
Why are our politicians getting a raise?

The Commission maintained that they did consider the harsh economic realities. They stated that the increase is under the rate of inflation for that very reason. The Commission also reasoned that there was no pay rise last year.

However, the hasty decision could result in strike action, according to Public Servant’s Association General Manager, Ivan Fredericks.

“If the president and his cabinet and parliamentarians can give themselves 4%, making sure that they have a good life, we’ll not withhold (anything) when it comes to our salary negotiations. They would have to submit very good reasons why our people should not resort to industrial action.”

One can’t help but feel that a pay-rise to these millionaires is the biggest waste possible. Realistically, what is an extra R100,000 going to do for the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa? In fact, he’s a multi-millionaire whose Parliamentary salary means very little to him any way.

It’s money that has been misdirected however you look at it.

By: The South African

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