British White Lib Trash Child Abuser Calls For The Extermination Of South African Whites


 Why do I take it hugely personally when one of Britain’s biggest traitors viciously attacks South African minorities? Some of my closest mates in Worcester hail from our region’s South African expat community. In fact, a letter to the editor I wrote about sympathising with, and ultimately allowing South African minorities to settle in Britain, in place of the EU and non-EU migrants currently flooding our great nation, was recently published in the Worcester Evening News.


by Carl Mason, British Resistance Party and friend to South Africans everywhere.

”British nationalist blogger”, leftist spy and Zionist activist, Julie Lake aka ‘Jules Epstein’, has been at it again. The morbidly obese chain-smoking bottom-feeding Zionist troll apparently had this to say about South Africa’s White and minority population. (as per Stefan Loots) *   “I laugh whenever I hear about some Afrikaner bitch getting raped…. they have it coming to them. We should be deporting them from Britain before we deport our Polish and EU brothers. I wish we’d finished them all off in the Boer war”.

*  “Die Boere moet vrek!” (the Afrikaner must die!) “It appalls me when Britain allows South African Whites into the country. They are anti-British Afrikaner scum! Despicable.”  Although the woman is irrelevant, her evil must be exposed, her search engine record permanently impacted. We first introduced you to Hope Not Hate contributor, Julie Lake, this past Autumn, in an article that reached some 15,000+ people. We hoped exposing her for her shocking conviction for child abuse would send her back down her burrough(that’s one big bloody rat hole), but it sadly hasn’t.


Smoking while shitting on, or should I say burning, the pigeons (above photo) as well as while pregnant apparently. Vile

This past week we received a message from a trusted South African expat living in Bristol (UK) asking us to expose this despicable swine’s latest abuse to our global audience. Apparently, Lake’s not only continuing to incite anti-white violence in South Africa, she’s harassing South African expats living in Britain! Saffa expat based in Bath and EKP mate,

Stefan Loots, explains:

“This Lake beast lives in Mangotsfield Bristol, where there’s a small elderly South African expat community. She regularly antagonises them over the Boer War, telling elderly Saffas minding their own affairs, to “Fuck off back to Africa and face extermination”.  On one occasion she was accused of telling an elderly woman born in Mpumalanga that “South Africans deserved what we got as we are mixed race.” Hilarious, considering how obviously confused this woman’s bloodline is. Lake claims that we deserve to face extinction also, and has been quoted as saying that although the Brits should have finished us off during the Boer War as they did the Germans in Dresden, the Zulu will send us all to our makers.

And why do I take it personally when hate mongers attack South African minorities? South African minorities are literally facing extermination. Then there’s the fact that some of my closest mates in Worcester are South African. There is, in fact, a large community of Saffas from the Western Cape in Worcestershire, and I’m furious that people of British origin (as well as other ethnic minorities) are being killed in South Africa on a daily basis. In fact, a letter to the editor I wrote about sympathizing with, and ultimately allowing South African minorities to settle in Britain, instead of EU and non-EU migrants, was recently published in the Worcester Evening News.

letter Carl

Lake who is morbidly fascinated with British imperialism is notorious in Bristol for attacking a 5’2″ child taking notes for a matric paper at a local war memorial. Seems he sneezed or said something about Britain’s role in WW2 so she beat him up. That’s what I was told.” On her personal profile, Lake lists her interests as ‘British militaria’, war, and animals. She does, as Stefan contends, have a peculiar fascination with the Boer War and Bomber Harris, a man responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans during WW2. She also lists Israel, “as a passion of hers”. Whatever that means….We will be investigating that angle at a later date. Lake’s only known accomplishment to date, as Loots referenced earlier, has been her being arrested for attacking a child, something that in fact made national headlines.

The Daily Mail reports:

Self-described British nationalist, Julie Lake, was arrested and yesterday convicted of assault, criminal damage and a public order offence at North Avon Magistrates Court in Yate, near Bristol. The case stemmed from her punching an innocent 14-year-old child in the stomach during an argument at a British War Memorial.

Sentencing Mrs. Lake to a 12-month conditional sentence, District Judge David Parsons said she had shown a ‘complete lack of self-control’,  adding, ‘You confronted the child with no plan in mind. The throwing of a bike into the road shows a complete loss of self-control.’ You’re a danger to children everywhere.”Although Julie Lake claims that she is a British nationalist, something stinks. Have a gander at her photo and YOU decide what that is. Need a little clarity? Check the similarity.

IMG_0138Winnie Mandela 890x395_c

Worst of all the pig reported our good buddy Joe Chiffers to the Daily Mirror and has terrorized Jack Sen without cause. Un-bloody-forgiveable.  Next I will be exposing Lake’s attempts to incite a race war between British lads and Britain’s Muslim community.

If this story made you angry please feel free  the article to write to Ms. Lake on

Ms. Lake recently ran for Parliament (Kingswood), hilariously procuring less than .03% of the vote. If you’d like to write to her via Britain’s snail mail to voice your displeasure with her vile behaviour, as is your right in a democracy, you can find her address on the South Gloucestershire Electoral Commission’s website. Unlike Julie, who has a horrid habit of posting people’s addresses online, we’ll take the high road on this one.


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