Britain ‘Spending £2m Per Week On Aid To Zimbabwe’

BRITISH taxpayers have been sending £2million to Zimbabwe every week to “promote democracy”, it emerged on Thursday, November 16, 2017


British taxpayers have been sending £2million to Zimbabwe every week.

Figures show the corruption-ridden country under the despotic regime of Robert Mugabe, currently under house arrest following a military coup, received almost £100million in foreign aid last year.

The country’s £99.7million aid package formed part of the £13.4billion gifted by the UK in Official Development Assistance.

Mugabe, 93, who has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, has been accused of election rigging and brutally stifling opposition.

It is understood the Department for International Development does not give money directly to the government of Zimbabwe, instead of working with non-profit organisations.

Part of DFID’s work includes “supporting a peaceful democratic transition”, “improving government transparency” and “improving the way the economy and public finances are managed by the government of Zimbabwe to support economic development and poverty reduction”.

Meanwhile, Britain boosted the financial handouts to Pakistan from £374million in 2015 to £463million last year.

The country is now the biggest recipient of UK foreign aid, despite developing its own space and nuclear weapons programmes.

The spending scandals are just two highlighted by the Daily Express as part of our Stop The Foreign Aid Madness crusade which demands the Government slashes the ODA budget and diverts cash into services here in the UK.


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