Bonteheuwel resident raped six year old girl and then gave her R5 as payment – How sick this is!!

A Bonteheuwel man is behind bars after he allegedly raped a six-year-old girl and then gave her R5 as payment.

The victim’s mother says she caught the 53-year-old man with her daughter in a locked bathroom on Friday.

The mother, who may not be named to protect her daughter, explained that the family lives in a backyard dwelling behind the man’s family’s house.
On Friday, she says, she sent her daughter in with a bucket to collect water.
“I was at the back with the baby and I noticed that my daughter was taking too long to come back.

“I went to the main house and two of the brothers that live there were in the lounge.”

“I checked everywhere and even in the kitchen, but she was nowhere,” said the mom.

The traumatised mother says she then noticed the bathroom door was locked and knocked to see if her daughter was inside.

“I knocked the whole time, but she didn’t answer. Then she opened the door and when I asked her why she was inside, she didn’t say anything.

“Then I saw he was standing behind the door. I shouted at him. I wanted to know why he was in the bathroom with my daughter.

“I took her to the back where she showed me what he had done.”
She noticed her daughter had a R5 coin in her hand and asked where she got the money from.

“She said he gave it to her. I took it and threw it at him. How can he do that and then give my child a R5, almost like payment?” the crying mother said.

The little girl was taken to Vanguard Clinic where the doctors contacted Bishop Lavis police.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said the rape suspect appeared in Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

“He is in custody and will appear in court again on 3 August. The investigation continues.”

The mother was referred to ward councillor Angus McKenzie by a resident for assistance.

McKenzie told the Daily Voice: “I am appalled that we have sick varke (sick pigs) like this in our society. The fact that he gave the child a R5 shows how demented he really is.”

“The family will be getting counselling and I will be following this case very closely. The community of Bonteheuwel will not stand for this.”

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