Bob is out, will it be Zuma’s turn to go?

Jacob Zuma and the ANC regime must note that voters’ patience is a hanging on a thread if they are the victims who are living in poverty because of their government’s corruption and power abuse. The peaceful revolution of Zimbabwe can easily float to SA.

This was the FF Plus’s leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald point of view, after it became known that Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe.

Dr. Groenewald says it seems that Mugabe has finally realized what the true extent of the situation in the country is. He says that if one observes the spontaneous joy of the public in Zimbabwe it is clear how suppressed they felt under the regime of Mugabe. They lived in poverty and starvation and witnessed the wealth of the Mugabe family and their followers.

The FF Plus hopes democracy will now prevail in Zimbabwe and that Mugabe’s successor will not abuse his or her power to further suppress Zimbabweans.

“We hope the new government will create favorable conditions for Zimbabwe to be built up economically and that its people in SA will return to their country and it will build up to the economic advantage of the whole region.”

The original article can be read in Afrikaans at Die Vryburger.


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