Black man wants Apartheid back despite BBC reporter trying to brainwash him

Liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane of the BBC is told from the horse’s mouth (a Black South African) that Blacks were better off under Apartheid and that their lives would only get better if the Apartheid government came back to power.

Fergal: Do you ever think your life is going to get better Josef?

Josef: Maybe my life would change if the Nationalist Party came back, not the ANC.

Fergal: I don’t believe you. Come on. That was a White government that put you down, that treated you terribly, you cant really believe that?

Josef: But in terms of work they didn’t oppress us. We didnt struggle for work then.

It appears that even when confronted with overwhelming evidence that he supported the wrong people in South Africa, liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane still refuses to accept that he was wrong and then proceeds to tell a Black South African, living in South Africa that he, Irishman Fergal Keane who lives in Ireland knows better.


Like all ideologies Apartheid had bad sides and it went horribly wrong once the Communist Party started interfering with it, so we are not condoning the human suffering in anyway.

Clearly Liberals and the BBC stooges have never bothered to consider what really lies behind Apartheid and what it was trying to achieve. They see it as standing in the way of their “One World State” Communist, Marxist, Socialist, ideology (or whatever label they try hide behind), and therefore it had to go, even it were the best thing since sliced bread.

Here is one fact to consider:

Between 1962 and 1972, South Africa spent almost twice as much on black development than the UN did!


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