Black man wants Apartheid back despite BBC reporter trying to brainwash him

Liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane of the BBC is told from the horse’s mouth (a Black South African) that Blacks were better off under Apartheid and that their lives would only get better if the Apartheid government came back to power.

Fergal: Do you ever think your life is going to get better Josef?

Josef: Maybe my life would change if the Nationalist Party came back, not the ANC.

Fergal: I don’t believe you. Come on. That was a White government that put you down, that treated you terribly, you cant really believe that?

Josef: But in terms of work they didn’t oppress us. We didnt struggle for work then.

It appears that even when confronted with overwhelming evidence that he supported the wrong people in South Africa, liberal Irish reporter Fergal Keane still refuses to accept that he was wrong and then proceeds to tell a Black South African, living in South Africa that he, Irishman Fergal Keane who lives in Ireland knows better.


Like all ideologies Apartheid had bad sides and it went horribly wrong once the Communist Party started interfering with it, so we are not condoning the human suffering in anyway.

Clearly Liberals and the BBC stooges have never bothered to consider what really lies behind Apartheid and what it was trying to achieve. They see it as standing in the way of their “One World State” Communist, Marxist, Socialist, ideology (or whatever label they try hide behind), and therefore it had to go, even it were the best thing since sliced bread.

Here is one fact to consider:

Between 1962 and 1972, South Africa spent almost twice as much on black development than the UN did!


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  • Saffa Coza

    Steve look at the underlying ideology: Globalisation, capitalism, Mergers and Acquisitions, Union, Conglomeration, Consolidation, unity… all unnatural processes of growth.
    Usually when something grows it creates more versions of its construct. Like an amoeba splits into two. Cells divide to grow.
    Yet man wants to force cells / companies / countries together and call it growth??? Welcome to communism my friend – it is unnatural. Apartness was all about self determination and the natural order of things. You should not be so selective about what parts of the mass media indoctrination you choose to disbelieve…

  • Callie Mocke

    Clearly you are ignorant to the real history of southern Africa ..but that is not my problem ,ignorance is a bliss and in the land of the blind ,one eye is king ..Now that you are so outspoken on the history of South Africa ,please enlighten the world on how come different tribes resettled in different areas in the sub continent when they moved south from the big lakes area ..tell us about the civil war between the Basothos and the Zulus ..or the Matabheles and the Machonas ..tell us about the war between the Zulus and the Xhozas ,or why a Xhoza looks down to a Ipedi or a Venda or a Mashangaan and don’t treat them as a equal? …why did they never settled in one big happy community? .. Now that I have your attention ,please tell us who was the Zulu king that asked the help of pres Kruger when the brittish envaded his country and stole the land .then you can tell the world until which year was apartheid a Brittish concern and who administered the policy before the Afrikaners come to power what stage did the ANC become a militant organization and why? ..Who was involved in turning a peaceful black conscious movement into a terrorist organization ,and don’t be afraid to name the CIA or the zionist hand in the destabilization of Southern Africa ..I take it you are totally familiar with the economic realities of this once great country in the early 60/70 s ..lastly I must mention that the brother of former pres Thabo Mbeki ,mr Moeleki Mbeki is on record that the so called armed struggle was not much more than armed propaganda …maybe you can also add the name list of all African leaders that visited the Baragwana hospital for world class treatment ,or maybe you can explain why thousands and thousands of migrant workers some as far of as the Congo or Tanzania moved south to come and work in this oppressive sytem to better themselves ..I will not bother to ask you about the bitter feud between the mandellas and the sisolos or why the sisolos feld the country after the ANC took over ..clearly you have superior knowledge to this black man in the video I said ignorance is blizz and so is liberal politics ..