Black “farmer” who Received a R15 MILLION Grant from ANC regime Leaves Thousands of Chickens to Starve and be Culled

Thousands of chickens will be culled, due to starvation and disease after the owner of a Southport farm in Kwazulu-Natal failed to feed them for weeks and abandoned the farm after selling off what movable assets were able to be sold.

The SPCA, which is monitoring the situation twice a day, received a complaint last week about chickens that were left without food and water at Wandering Star Farms, previously High Ridge Farms.

The animal shelter then appealed to the public for food donations.
Sunrise Farms, a well established farm in Southport, donated a large amount of feed for the chickens.

SPCA manager, Michael Muller, said the chickens were ridden with disease and about 5000 of them had already died.
“Some of the chickens have been feeding on the carcasses.

“Animals that deteriorate will also be culled,” he said.

The owner of the farm, Mr. MC Mkhungo, received R15 million from government­ to start the farm in 2010.

The last delivery of food was made on 23 March and there is also no proper water supply.

“Each chicken should weigh about three kilograms, but they weigh between 700 grams and 800 grams,” said Muller.

The main purpose of the chickens is for egg-laying and the culls are sold as “live”, according to Muller.

There is no abattoir and it is unclear where slaughtering takes place…

“The farm is in a terrible state. Chicken houses are not cleaned and it seems as though the farm has not been maintained in years,” he said.

The owner of the farm, MC Mkhungo, was contacted for comment several times, but calls were either ended or went unanswered­.

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