Berea, Durban : 90-Year Old Lady Evicted From Property – Now Sitting On Pavement

16 Dec 2017, Durban: This afternoon while Michelle and I were on our way to visit my family in Glenmore, we found a 90-year-old lady on the pavement, 47 Myron Drive, Glenmore to be exact.

The landlord, a one Mr. Ahmed Hansa and his sidekick Lionel managed to obtain an eviction order on Lionel’s name and not the registered owner’s name.

Regardless of the circumstances and facts of the matter, I called Lionel and tried to negotiate that they allow her to stay for a week, even if I had to pay the rent for the lady, he refused and put a one Mr. Hansa on the line, who was just as rude and arrogant and ended up telling me “go to hell” when I asked him if he would do that to his own mother.

I then called out to the entire Glenmore and Glenwood community for help. I was I inundated with support. We all stood together as ONE and found her a place to stay together with her belongings and dog.

I would like to thank everyone who came to the rescue and all the people who helped move her belongings. This is the reason Glenwood and Glenmore are special places, WE are One family, who stand together against all odds.

As for Mr. Hansa and your friend Lionel (two cowards who could only bark at me on the phone and not show up like Men), May Karma find you and punish you in a worse way than what you did to this 90-year-old lady today. May your remaining miserable time on this earth be plagued with sickness and pain.

I will also be informing the Court of the abuse of process followed in evicting this 90-year-old woman, who on top of it all is disabled and a heart patient, I wonder if those facts featured in the court Application.

Mr. Hansa, you picked on one helpless old lady, WE, all 4000 residents are standing by her, let’s see if you can bully US.

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By:  Marco Accolla/News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents | Kwa-Zulu Natal 

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