Ban Ki Moon adds to PACK OF LIES World Leaders Tell, Which Push Disillusioned People To Join ISIS!

Obama tells blatant lies so often no one even questions it anymore, sadly those that are too busy with their lives, (trying to pay off debts to bankers), to investigate the reality, assume the high office means a world leader cannot lie. People also assume that if it is on TV it is true… In Obama’s recent speech he claimed the San Bernadino shooting was not foreign terrorism nor influenced from abroad! Excuse me? The terrorist’s accomplice and wife came from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He met her on a dating site and she was on a spousal visa. Obama and his band of world supremacists are Liars Liars Liars.

The democratic system of the world has been hijacked and been made morally bankrupt. If the only thing in the world that was perceived as being free and fair (true democracy), has been infiltrated and ruined, what is left?

This is what happens in a world where half truths (white lies) are allowed and believe it or not, this is one of the selling tools Islam and ISIS uses in its recruitment campaigns. Some people who have switched of their TV’s and stepped off the debt slavery consumerism conveyor belt see how complete the trickery and brainwashing is. ISIS targets people who are tired of lies, tired of not being able to trust your women or family anymore, tired of debt slavery and consumerism, etc. etc. There are even video’s on Youtube, which look like a religious or christian campaign against the evils of this world (which Obama and co. love legitimising) like materialism and child sexualisation, yet at the end of the video you realise it is actually a Islamic recruitment campaign! Abu Hamza, the infamous radical muslim cleric from London, (with a hook for a hand),  who was wanted by the US, was also well known for this approach to recruiting radicals on the streets of London. The biggest irony of all is that world leaders are also all proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace despite the blinding obvious that it is not. The question is, where are all the Marxist atheists that persecuted Christians so relentlessly now?

This is the reason radical mosques are full and why seemingly innocent western teens and “normal” people fly to Asia and end up in the hands of ISIS. “Democracy” has not only failed, it is so rotten and so controlled, some people see no other way to stop the Elites at the top from taking over the world. Let’s be clear, the so called New World Order is anything but Benevolent. They have already agreed that an entire generation, namely YOU, are expendable and your life is a small price to pay for them being able to take over the world. Their planning, which started in the 1800’s, has clearly accepted a generation of struggle towards the “Totalitarian Utopia”. Look at Obama’s demeanor, he is just biding his time waiting for the inevitable. He has no reason to panic, he has the world in the bag already. Look at yourself, have you given it to him with your blind trust of authority?

Just as Nigel Farage has warned countless times in the EU that there will be a natural patriotic backlash, as did Hitler before World War 2. The extreme liberalisation of the world, like in Berlin of the 1930’s,  WILL cause a backlash and that is what started Nazism, and like Nazism, ISIS is exactly that! This has all been factored in and the World Leaders and their secret puppet-master sponsors have all the time, and ALL the money in the world. Are you allowing them to manufacture your consent? Are you overriding you natural self preservation instincts out of fear of being called a racist?

David Cameron has just done a Tony Blair on Syria and taken Britain to war again. Nothing new for United Kingdom which has been starting wars based on deceit and false flags since they created a fake excuse to invade the Boer Republics (to get the Boer Gold and Diamonds) in the Anglo Boer War over a century ago. Is it any wonder they vilify and demonise the Boers at every turn and are happy to see them murdered on their farms on a daily basis?



Ban Ki Moon at the UN has now again admitted dishonesty in the climate change hoax making him the second top official that changes the official Fairy Tale. There has now been a second reluctant confession of the deliberate, unadulterated lying by top United Nations officials regarding the legitimacy of their climate change hoax. They’ve told us for decades that what isn’t happening is and that we should just accept what we know to be a lie as truth. After all, according to them, 97% of scientists all agree. The “science is settled,” says Hussein Obama; it’s not even up for discussion.

Maybe he’ll allow for some begrudging discussion now. Maybe some of those 97% of scientists who have been lying to the world right along with the UN and Obama, being paid off by illicit grant funding, will find a shred of scientific integrity and join the other, not corrupted 3%, who weren’t prostituting themselves for money.

On Monday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined Climate Witch Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in changing the story. That organization was formed for the express purpose of selling us on the fraud as the means to usher in global climate government. She had already made the same type of admission herself, in an interview with CNN, acknowledging that it’s really always been all about the money.

Ban Ki-moon is no more having a sudden episode of guilt or the discovery of a conscience than did Figueres, who confessed the motivations were financial, not environmental or out of a need to “save the planet.” Moon had a similar message, admitting for all intents and purposes that the problem doesn’t exist.

He did so in a face-saving, circuitous fashion, telling the Daily Caller in a manner typical of a corrupt globalist diplomat that “even if global warming can’t be seen or felt by humans, the world should still agree to an international treaty to cut carbon dioxide emissions.” If something can’t be seen or felt [or significantly measured] by humans, that is generally considered to be a strong argument that it doesn’t exist. Usually one of the two is required to serve as what we humans like to refer to as evidence or proof. The absence of evidence should and has helped propel the climate alarmist claims into their rightful category of a “hoax” and unfounded criminal hysteria.

The UN globalist parasites are persistent and undaunted by the exposure of their ongoing swindle. Ban still wants the “citizens of the world”, and most particularly those with a US Zip Code, to turn their money over to his corrupt international organization. He told the ultra liberal publication ThinkProgress, “We are living in a world of peril. This climate change, even if it is not visible, is the worst threat to human beings.”

The guy who is just now admitting that he and his entire globalist organization have been lying to us in an effort to get their hands into our pockets and upon the reins of our government is telling us there’s no evidence. He then tells us we should pay up anyway, despite that lack of evidence, based completely on faith in people who have been lying and scheming against us since at least the 1980s. What kind of idiots do these UN elites take us for and why are they not behind bars?

The globalist scammer knows that nothing the nations of the world can do would have any appreciable impact on CO2 levels and he must also know that the climate changes naturally, just as weather does, in a cyclical manner. It can’t be stopped and it should not be stopped. We’re mere mortals, along for the ride but not the kind of ride Ban want to take us all for. In the same way Banksters take us for a ride by abusing natural cycles in global economies and finance.

He’s still pretending that by the right offending nations seeking atonement through donations to the UN in the appropriate manner, the earth will decide to limit itself to a 2 degree Celsius increase. They can claim anything they want and generally do, with a high level of inaccuracy. The models don’t work, the climate is complex and they are written with a predetermined objective in mind.

Ban argued that “This agreement should have a long term ambitious vision,” before falling back on the worn-out Gorism that, “Unfortunately, our world has a fever. The prescription should have a 2°C limit.” Write the prescription, Ban, it’s got just as much chance of affecting the temperature as throwing the world into economic chaos and it’s a lot less painful. We could recommend a place where you could stuff it too, a point to administer it, so to speak.

In order to address the problem that doesn’t exist or as he portrayed it, the greatest invisible, unfelt and unseen threat to mankind, Ban is seeking only $100 billion per year from the treasuries of the evil developed nations. What a bargain, we’ll take two.

There’s something in their planning that made it unworkable or less workable in its previous “climate-based” format which necessitated the transition to a greed-based model. Maybe things were getting just too obvious or there were too many leeches lining up at the American trough to pretend it was motivated by anything other than selfish profiteering.

They’re changing tactics because they need to in order to exploit and pillage the American people and others. It’s still all about the money and they are still the same lying thieves they’ve always been.

Rick Wells – is a writer who recognizes that our nations, our Constitutions and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. He is not PC and calls it like he sees it.


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