Brainwashed Australians Hold Rallies Demanding Millions Of Muslims To Be Taken In

Protesters across Australia have been holding rallies to force the government to close all of its overseas refugee centers, demanding that all asylum seekers be housed in Australia. Separate demonstrations are set to take place in London and Tokyo where protesters will ask the Australian government to take the refugees.

The “Close the camps, Bring them here” rallies took place in seven Australian cities on Saturday. Thousands of protesters gathered in Sydney carrying banners reading “Seeking asylum is not a crime – close the camps now!” and “close Manus, close Nauru.”

Other demonstrators held up placards saying “Bring them here, they can stay at mine!” and “I can’t believe we are still having to protest this sh*t,” as they marched towards Sydney Town Hall. A large protest also took place in Melbourne, where a heavy police presence was visible.

Stunning! Simply stunning! It is mind blowing how stupid the Australians are! It is well known that when people are rich and have nice lives, they become ignorant, tolerant and down-right stupid! Look at America. When it was doing fine and everyone had money, they kept their borders wide open and no one gave a rat’s behind about anything. Now with joblessness skyrocketing and poverty reaching numbers similar with third world countries, Americans are angry and they are waking up to join the Trump revolution.

Australians have the highest minimum wage in the world, currently set at 30,791 US Dollars a year! This is the MINIMUM salary you can get in Australia, by law. It actually averages around 50.000-80.000 depending on the job you have. So Australians are among the richest in the world.

That’s why they simply don’t care, money and wealth create ignorance, tolerance, and stupidity. However after millions of Muslims will invade their country to enrich them with Peaceful Islamic DIEversity, steal their jobs, lower their wages, rape their women and commit some random terror attacks it won’t take long until they wake up like in America and Europe. Until then… bring em all in! Move the entire Middle East in Australia, camels included.

The protesters had already won a partial victory when Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced that his country had agreed with Australia to close the controversial Manus Island detention center. However, the 854 asylum seekers there still face an uncertain future. The Australian media isn’t talking about this but most of those “refugees” actually come from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Syria, all of them Muslim.

Fortunately, Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said they will not be resettled in Australia, explaining “We’re talking to third countries at the moment to look at settlement options,” according to ABC.

UK’s The Guardian newspaper “leaked” a report where it accused the Australian Government for not giving enough free stuff to the Muslims in the Nauru detention center. The Guardian also held the Australian government responsible for horrific acts the Muslims did to each other in those refugee camps, including rapes and self-harm.

One report described how a guard reacted by laughing when one girl sewed her mouth shut. Another girl reportedly pointed to her vagina and said that a male detainee had “cut her from under.”

Thirty cases of self-harm involving children were also reported, as well as over 150 cases in which children had threatened to harm themselves.

As you can see these people are savages and they hold the Australian government responsible for their barbaric behavior. You wanna cut your head off? Who am I to stop you? Go ahead! I’m here to help you, I give you free housing, free food and protect you from possible ISIS terrorists who might break in anytime, yet you are unhappy and you rape each other? Well, good luck with that! That’s how Australia should officially respond. And they should also add this line: WE DON’T OWE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING! They didn’t do anything for us, they didn’t give us anything, yet we are still helping them, now you wanna complain about our help not being good enough? How about this? We’re leaving and we’re not taking any of you in our country! Is it better now?

UK and Japan is going to ask Australia to take the Muslim refugees in

Okay the UK does have some authority of over Australia, being part of the Commonwealth but JAPAN!?!? Japan why don’t you take all those refugees in your own country? How many have you taken recently? How many refugees do live in Japan? Close to zero? Japan and South Korea are the most racist countries in the world, not only they won’t take a single refugee but their society is so racist, they will make those refugees feel so unwelcome, uncomfortable and unwanted, they will leave on their own the next day.

The Japanese once scrapped visas for Iranians, hence the tiny Iranian community you can now find there, including in Tokyo.

The experiment, however, proved quite short-lived though because the Japanese quickly realized that the Iranians did not fit into their cultural milieu and created a lot of problems. They do allow limited migration though. Philippine women look after Japanese old folks but are barred from engaging in other medical activities.

Hey now Japan, why don’t you take those Iranians in your own country instead of doing street protests encouraging others to take them in?


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