ANC regime officially classed as an Apartheid State due to Black Apartheid Laws. We hereby charge the ANC with the crime of Apartheid!

The ANC will become the first and only organisation to be charged with the crime of Apartheid. According to the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 30 November 1973, Article II the ANC regime is classed as an Apartheid state due to its numerous race based laws and structures (See below for full list).  We call on the following countries who ratified the document to act.

The document came into force on 18 July 1976 in respect of the following States, i.e. the thirtieth day after the date of the deposit with the Secretary-General of the United Nations of the twentieth instrument of ratification or accession, in accordance with article XV (1).

The instruments of ratification or accession were deposited as follows:
Date of deposit of the instrument of ratification or State accession (-a)
Benin. ………………………30 December 1974
Bulgaria…………………….. 18 July 1974
Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic., 2 December 1975
Chad ………………………. 23 October 1974
Czechoslovakia……………….. 25 March 1976
Ecuador……………………… 12 May 1975
German Democratic Republic…….. 12 August 1974
Guinea……………………… 3 March 1975
Hungary…………………….. 20 June 1974
Iraq* ………………………. 9 July 1975
Mongolia ……………………..8 August 1975
Poland ……………………… 15 March 1976
Qatar ………………………. 19 March 1975
Somalia…………………….. 28 January 1975
Syrian Arab Republic ………….. 1 June 1976
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic… 10 November 1975
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . .26 November 1975
United Arab Emirates* …………. 15 October 1975
United Republic of Tanzania …….. 11 June 1976 a
Yugoslavia…………………… 1 July 1975
Subsequently, the Convention came into force in respect of the following State on the thirtieth day after the date of the deposit of its instrument of accession, in accordance with article XV (2):
Date of deposit of the instrument of State accession
Libyan Arab Republic………….. 9 July 1976


Black Apartheid law includes: “Transformation”, Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action, Land Restitution, Economic Revolution, Cadre Deployment, etc.

These words and many others ring daily in our ears. The “liberated” masses shout: amen.

The liberals who wanted the masses “liberated”, shout: amen.

The parliamentarians who write the new laws to implement these words shout: amen to every new law that is printed from the parliamentary law-sausage machine.

21 years down the line, we stand back and observe their handiwork… the “New South Africa” that was created after the fight against evil and unjust White Apartheid South Africa, has more racist laws on the books than what the Apartheid Whites could dream of… and there are more coming, for the parliamentary law-sausage machine is the only infrastructure that is maintained. Water and electricity and roads and food producers are products of evil White Apartheid, so it is unimportant to look after them.

Last year we heard about all the “wonderful” things the ANC – Alliance have achieved. Millions of their supporters shouted: amen. Even the liberal opposition shouted: amen and added shouts for more, more…

Even the rightwingers had smiles on their faces when hearing about these “wonderful” things. Yet we look at everything and realise there is a Black Apartheid Regime in place and they are much worse than their predecessors.

The “oppressed” became the Oppressors. The world, the SA liberals and the rightwingers must now realise that a fresh effort is due to free the present day oppressed minorities in South Africa.

The shout: Eluta Continua!! is now not for the ANC-struggle to continue. No! It is a call for the liberation FROM an unjust ANC Regime.

To this the oppressed say: amen!

Marius Smith



By John Dugard, Professor of International Law Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Leiden

The Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (hereinafter Apartheid Convention) has it roots in the opposition of the United Nations to the discriminatory racial policies of the South African Government – known as apartheid – which lasted from 1948 to 1990.

Apartheid was annually condemned by the General Assembly as contrary to Articles 55 and 56 of the Charter of the United Nations from 1952 until 1990; and was regularly condemned by the Security Council after 1960.

In 1966, the General Assembly labelled apartheid as a crime against humanity (resolution 2202 A (XXI) of 16 December 1966) and in 1984 the Security Council endorsed this determination (resolution 556 (1984) of 23 October 1984). The Apartheid Convention was the ultimate step in the condemnation of apartheid as it not only declared that apartheid was unlawful because it violated the Charter of the United Nations, but in addition it declared apartheid to be criminal.

The Apartheid Convention was adopted by the General Assembly on 30 November 1973, by 91 votes in favour, four against (Portugal, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States) and 26 abstentions. It came into force on 18 July 1976. As of August 2008, it has been ratified by 107 States. When the Apartheid Convention was being drafted in the Third Committee of the General Assembly there was a division of opinion over the scope of the Convention. Most delegates saw the Convention as an instrument to be employed only against South Africa. Others, however, warned that the Convention was wide enough to cover other States that practised racial discrimination (Twenty-eighth session of the General Assembly, Summary record of the 2004th meeting of the Third Committee, held on 23 October 1973, (A/C.3/SR.2004), paragraph 4)).

The Apartheid Convention declares that apartheid is a crime against humanity and that “inhuman acts resulting from the policies and practices of apartheid and similar policies and practices of racial segregation and discrimination” are international crimes (art. 1).

Article 2 defines the crime of apartheid –“which shall include similar policies and practices of racial segregation and discrimination as practised in southern Africa” – as covering “inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them”.

It then lists the acts that fall within the ambit of the crime. These include murder, torture, inhuman treatment and arbitrary arrest of members of a racial group; deliberate imposition on a racial group of living conditions calculated to cause it physical destruction; legislative measures that discriminate in the political, social, economic and cultural fields; measures that divide the population along racial lines by the creation of separate residential areas for racial groups; the prohibition of interracial marriages; and the persecution of persons opposed to apartheid.

International criminal responsibility is to apply to individuals, members of organizations and representatives of the State who commit, incite or conspire to commit the crime of apartheid (art. 3). Although consideration was given in 1980 to the establishment of a special international criminal court to try persons for the crime of apartheid (E/CN.4/1426 (1981)), no such court was established. Instead it was left to States to enact legislation to enable them to prosecute apartheid criminals on the basis of a form of universal jurisdiction.

The Apartheid Convention allows State parties to prosecute non-nationals for a crime committed in the territory of a non-State party where the accused is physically within the jurisdiction of a State party (arts. 4 and 5). No one was prosecuted for the crime of apartheid while apartheid lasted in South Africa. And no one has since been prosecuted for the crime. Apartheid was abandoned in 1990 by the regime that had introduced it and in 1994 a democratic South Africa came into being as a result of a peaceful negotiated settlement between the apartheid regime and movements opposed to apartheid. Consequently, there were no prosecutions of the leaders or agents of the apartheid regime for crimes of apartheid. Instead a Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established with the tasks of achieving reconciliation and supervising the granting of amnesty to those who had committed serious violations of human rights during the apartheid years. Significantly, post-apartheid South Africa has not become a party to the Apartheid Convention.

That the Apartheid Convention is intended to apply to situations other than South Africa is confirmed by its endorsement in a wider context in instruments adopted before and after the fall of apartheid. In 1977, Additional Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 recognized apartheid as a “grave breach” of the Protocol (art. 85, paragraph 4 (c)) without any geographical limitation. Apartheid features as a crime in the Draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind adopted by the International Law Commission on first reading in 1991 without any reference to South Africa and in 1996 the Draft Code adopted on second reading recognized institutionalized racial discrimination as species of crime against humanity in article 18 (f) and explained in its commentary that this “is in fact the crime of apartheid under a more general denomination”(Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its forty-eighth session (A/51/10), p. 49). In 1998, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court included the “crime of apartheid” as a form of crime against humanity (art. 7). It may be concluded that the Apartheid Convention lives on as a species of the crime against humanity, under both customary international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


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  • TruthExtractor

    When the political majority passes rafts of laws to protect themselves against a 9% minority; that is tacit admission of the majority’s inability and incompetence.

    • Saffa Coza

      Also an admission of supremacist intentions

  • Sarel Botha

    Who will lay the charge and when?

    • Saffa Coza

      Inspan will as soon as they get enough funds together. Feel free to go to and donate – mark your donation “legal”

      • A Stuijt

        What’s with this ‘getting enough funds together’ You don’t need ‘funds’ to submit charges to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, nor to the various United Nations and European parliament bodies. All you have to do is find their email addresses online and email your charge together with your documented evidence. That doesn’t cost much. The cost of an email. So I question the motives of this fund-raiser. I’ve been operating my archive logging hate crimes against whites and other minorities in South Africa since 1989 and I don’t ask for donations. In fact people have sent me donations without any requests and I have returned them. If you are genuine in your cause, you will use your own resources to pursue it. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t get into politics until you can.

  • Dianne Lang

    “Consequently, there were no prosecutions of the leaders or agents of the apartheid regime for crimes of apartheid. “- Seriously?? What about Eugene de Kock?

    • Saffa Coza

      An individual can hardly be charged with Apartheid – it needs to be a state.

      • Dianne Lang

        That is contradictory to what you stated …. there were no prosecutions of the leaders or AGENTS of the aparheid regime for crimes of apartheid. Eugene de Kock is called the Apartheid killer but FW de Klerk is never called the Apartheid President. FW never saw the inside of a prison cell.

        • Saffa Coza

          There is a point in here somewhere right? Or are you just trying to defend a far left position?

          • Dianne Lang

            Yes, there is a point. You stated in your article and I quote “Consequently, there were no prosecutions of the leaders or agents of the apartheid regime for crimes of apartheid. ” Now if that is true, what would you call Eugene de Kock who has just been paroled after 20 years for following the orders of FW de Klerk. Was he not an agent of the apartheid regime? Because the way we see it in SA is that he took the fall for de Klerk and his cronies who denied they knew anything about him or his orders.

          • Saffa Coza

            Truth be told, F.W. was NOT part of the Apartheid regime. The ANC had already agreed with major world banks in 1988 that ANC would not Nationalise mine etc. FW was the anti Apartheid hero who brought it down… Why did Eugene get out yet the others with lesser crimes still sit? Did De Kock work for Botha?

          • Dianne Lang

            Who are the others who had lesser crimes that you are referring to that still sit? I am curious, for I do not know of any other person who admitted guilt to crimes committed under the orders of the NP. I am not 100% sure, but I am sure that De Kock worked for both. If FW was president in 89 and de Kock worked for the state for 28 years, then by deduction he must have worked for both? Eugene got out because he had complied with the laws governing our system of parole. If you are referring to Derby Lewis and co – they did not take their orders from the state and have not complied with the laws on parole.

          • Saffa Coza

            The crime off aparthied was promulgated by the United Nations. Was it the United Nations that prosecuted De Kock? It is hardly the point.

          • Dianne Lang

            You have just changed tack. Well done! Discussion over.

      • Jem


        • Saffa Coza

          Tonight Parliament consisted of only ONE party… not that mad now am I?

  • Jem

    <—– Part of the white youth (born post 1994) getting the fk out of here
    Never have felt and never will feel welcome in this country
    Bloody whites.. 😛

    • Saffa Coza

      Good idea, while you’re out there, clear your head from all the propaganda and see the true history of your country. Just don’t go to UK because they will brainwash you even more given that they are the criminals in all this…

      • Jem

        This saffa must be a..

      • EC_oke

        The British are like children, they hide in the corner and never admit their part in all this, what can you expect from a country that things a rogering is a character building experience.

  • Tyrone Claassens

    You know, I thought long and hard about this, and I’m afraid this is not a solution to problems in South Africa. The first thing the UN will do is impose sanctions on the country. Who of you were alive in the eighties? I was, and it was choking. We can’t survive sanctions as well. It is terrible what these discriminatory laws are doing to us, but it’s not apartheid. Apartheid is defined as a social system of racial segregation. Your basis will not be able to uphold itself, since the racial discrimination is only within the employment sector. We are not being forced to live in segregated townships, there is no curfew that we have to abide by. We are not being arrested for no reason because we are white. I’m white, and male, making me the bulls-eye of these laws.

    • Juan Olivier

      It will solve the problem that causes allot of problems in South-Africa.

    • Tea

      I agree with Tyrone. This so-called solution has not been well-thought through and is most short-sighted. It will bring the country to its knees.

      • Saffa Coza

        Aaaah now you are getting it! The whole idea is to bring the abomination that the British created a century ago to it’s knees. It needs to be disbanded!

        • Tyrone Claassens

          What needs to be disbanded?

          • Saffa Coza

            South Africa. It was illegally and forcibly combined into a Union. Referendums were not even held in the Cape, Freestate and Transvaal!

          • Guest

            Kaffir 😉

          • Tyrone Claassens

            So you can honestly sit there with a straight face, and say that we need to undo 200 odd years of business contracts, inter-country agreements (even those we don’t know about), and turn South Africa into the “Wild West”, for lack of a better metaphor.

            This social engine has been plodding along since the birth of the Roman empire, and it will continue to plod along until we reach critical mass one day, and our civilization ends, as so many great civilizations before us have.

            I could care less about the end of the world though. We are stuck in the shit today, and if we don’t sort it out in our generation, it will be lost for ever.

          • Saffa Coza

            In 1969 we sent men to the moon, then came communist driven civil rights, we haven’t been back since.
            NO, I am not advocating we go back 200 years. I am advocating we give each nation their own state or home territory where they can develop and defend their own culture and tradition and language. That way everyone will have a home where they know their roots are solid.
            The displacement and separation of people from their roots is a DELIBERATE communist policy in order to destroy everybody’s individuality in order to destroy the middle class and create a proletariat.
            As regards turning everybody into “Wall-e” type blobs of dumbed down slaves, I agree with you… you need to research some more – communism and capitalism are two heads of the same dragon…

          • Tyrone Claassens

            Look, in theory it does sound great and i’m not disagreeing with the principle, but I can’t even imagine the logistics and the practical rollout of something this scale without a full blown war. My honest opinion is that all governments, even the one you propose are actually the biggest con that has enslaved us all. We can all get really philosophical about it. Still doesn’t change the fact that we are slaves to them (any government). As much as any of us would like to claim our sovereign rights, it won’t happen.

          • Quixilver

            Tyrone, you just contradicted yourself by your statement. Intellectual White people are being refused work and therefore no new innovations can be accomplished.

          • Frikkie Geyser

            Ek lees die kommentaar… mense asb besef tog, niemand gee om nie ons mors ons tyd en geld. Ek is n baie positiewe mens maar ons gaan nog baie ver val voor dit beter sal gaan.
            Die dag is baie naby waneer die hele RSA/apartheid/swart/wit/komuniste/anc/DA/ek/jy/almal “pot” een laaste keer omgeroer gaan wotd en dan sal dit oor reg en verkeerd gaan en nie oor ek en jy nie. Byt vas mense God slaap nie

          • Clyde Lourenco

            I would just like to encourage all the readers here to go and have a look at what Iceland has recently done over the past few months. Privatised banking systems have been abolished, the government has been over thrown and the country given back to its people with a new constitution in place.

            This involves far more than just the ANC as a organisation, rather who are the ones benefitting from this, gaining profits and future business ventures that will ultimately be in their best interests rather than the ordinary South African. We put the future of our country as well as the future of our children and their children’s children in the hands of a few who predominantly have their own agendas and we expect written laws on some forms of documentation or constitution to protect us but really who monitors the monitors in this system? Citizens see its problems without much to do about it unless we ran wild in the streets demanding change but SAPS has proven that doing that will only get you shot down unfairly. Things will never change in any country because we all continue to follow the same system for over a hundred years and more, there is a vast amount of underlying issues that put the lives of the masses in the hands of the few elite 1%ers who have for many years and will continue to sustain interests in profit margins and business growth no matter how many lives are affected. The systems we alone follow an abide by are against us and always will be until we can change the perception we’ve been taught of how the world “should” work through education and political systems. If no one questions the status quo or contests our “leaders” then we will forever be sheeple. We seem to sometimes forget that a government is put in place, employed by the people for the people to do what is right for all its citizens and not be biased towards race or gender. Too many are blinded by colour although that is changing, there are people who feel hate and hold grudges on what apartheid did an that’s understandable as it was a cruel and horrible time for those affected but is it really worth punishing the born frees for a time in our history that we had no part In and never will?

          • ConcernedSA999

            Tyrone, a very interesting perception, yet we need to do something about the current predicament we are in at present, otherwise I fear dire consequences for us all! We cannot underestimate the current regime!

    • Saffa Coza

      You need to either overhaul your thinking process or question whose thoughts you are thinking…
      Firstly the ANC racial oppression is everywhere. You CANNOT go live in the middle of a township BECAUSE you are white. You WILL be robbed or killed sooner or later. (Even Africans from other nations cannot).
      Racism is enacted in educational institutions and many sectors of society where blacks are given preference, even in SAPS. Does the ANC not encourage its followers to act racist towards whites?
      I am glad you are still living in happy mandelatopia la la land, but many already have a far worse time than “choking” sanctions. The sanctions made us better self sufficient people. The ANC were financed specifically to get their hands on the weapons we developed because of sanctions. Wake up and smell the plot dude.
      South Africa has been an abomiNation for a century already! It needs to be disbanded into its constituent parts.
      Go do some actual independent thinking and get back to me…

      • Tyrone Claassens

        Nah dude, no need to get back to you. I will never agree with this, and will never help fund this kind of nonsense.

        • Saffa Coza

          I take it then you are a Marxist?

        • Saffa Coza

          Hope YOUR President made you proud tonight….

          • Tyrone Claassens

            I did not vote for him, so he is hardly my President. What I did see though, is that our politics in the country is more alive than ever, and other opposition parties are defiant of the ANC regime. I maintain that South Africa can resolve it’s problems without running to the world expecting them to just sort it out.

          • Saffa Coza

            You are a dangerous selfish Elitist fool who is costing many lives. You really have swallowed their sales pitch hook, line and sinker haven’t you?
            The ANC has little respect for the piece of paper called a constitution and will change it soon.
            When it all comes crashing down I will come knocking on your door. In the meantime when one of your’s unnecessarily loses their jobs, or god forbid, their lives, think about your purile efforts.

          • Tyrone Claassens

            If the shoes fits dude…

          • SMARTAR5E63

            Sorry Tyrone, but your head is buried in the sand. You may not be experiencing it, but many other South Africans are experiencing the reverse apartheid every day. You are welcome to your opinion, but you are definitely not speaking for those white South Africans who have been at the receiving end of racial injustices and certainly not for me.

            As for our wonderful constitution, wake up and read the writing on the wall. There are daily attacks on this very constitution, by means of legislation being passed that waters down the protection granted in the constitution that you so blindly cling to.

        • Who am i

          Well I will fund it. Enough of us to not need your cash bro.

      • Juan Olivier

        I agree each nation should rule ever itself. Why should we all become part of a nation that was forcefully created by the British. I am not interested in becoming part of a British created nation.

    • Bertram

      Do you live is SA today Tyrone?

  • brok3news

    Silly bonehead afrikaaners. Seems they have forgotten how apartheid actually worked.

    • Saffa Coza

      Silly Bonehead world, they have forgotten “work”. We will touchy feely our everloving united one self into happiness…. fruitcake. Wake up and smell the plot…

  • Juan Olivier

    Ek glo nie iets gaan
    gebeur nie maar ons wag maar en sien. Dalk kry ons ‘n paar sanksies om die BEE
    in die land te stop. 20 jaar van BEE is genoeg.

  • Patrick Erasmus

    South Africa is unique in that, in the past, the minority surpressed the majority. When to tables turned, it had to happen to bring it in line with the blueprint of precious cases of discrimination and racist acts evperienced in other countries. We are now at the point that we can stand together against this white surpression and make some noise so the rest of the world can see what us happening to us.

  • frikkiebotes

    Remember who are behind the ANC. the Boer hating Jews , They know we are the lost tribe of Israel south of the rivers of Cush whom they must destroy Zephaniah 3:10 ►

  • Ruben Roos

    So what now where is the white Mandela

  • Moses

    A number of interesting discussion points here. I would like to reiterate the point that in 1994 the majority spoke. Wether these elections were legitimate or not does not matter now – it is done for better or for worse. The ANC have been in power now for 21 years and they still appear to have a healthy majority – again we need to come to terms with this. So if the ANC are doing a bad job then they need to be voted out – based on past election results I would not expect them to out any time soon.
    Back to 1994 – only one option was considered vis a vis one man one vote in a unitary state. Yes I do believe that South Africa as it was around the time of the Boer War had a number of separate states – self governing and under colonial rule and the British creating a Union probably did lack some legal merit. Yes I also believe that the Boers were short changed in the Boer war – I also am going to say that other peoples as well also suffered in those times – I believe around 22000 African folk died in the concentration camps at the same time as the Boers.
    I do believe that we are going to see a restoration of the Boer republics but it will not be at the expense of others – this sort of thinking in the South African context is dangerous. We should also not lose sight of the fact that African folk are also having it hard under the ANC regime. They must be heard and they definitely must have the slice of the pie as it were. I do not wish to share a view on the xenophobia against immigrants – but I do wish to say that South Africa is a basket case and very soon there will be nothing left to sustain life and limb for anybody – foreigner or local.
    It would of course help if minorities could find common ground among each other – Afrikaners for example have their own language – could this be a rallying point?
    Again I wish to stress; I do believe that we will see the restoration of the Boer republics – I also see the same for other groups – but – no losers only winners. Could this be done as a federation, confederation or CANTONS? Time will tell – it would help if white folk stopped sniping each other. As a political entity they are a joke and this needs to be stopped so that South Africa does not slide any further into oblivion.

  • If you are not welcome in a country you simply pissoff

  • Nelis van Wieren

    So ANC….how do you feel now? So the “opressed” have revealed their true colours. a bunch of lying, caniving, rapists, murders, criminals and terrorists.

    Not to mention a bunch sniveling cowards

    Soon the world will have no more pity and love for Mandela and the ANC