ANC Rebel Hunt in Parliament after secret ballot vote

The ANC is furious at the party’s members who voted in favor of Zuma’s removal during the secret ballot in the mistrust of the president that took place on Tuesday, August 8 2017.

ANC members are on the warpath against the so-called rebels. Since the vote was secret, they could not pin-point and say with absolute certainty who voted against their beloved president.

On the contrary, it is also suspected that certain opposition members voted against the motion, which means that even more ANC members than initially suspected voted for the motion. This makes it a virtually unintended task to trace all the “guilty ones”.

If the party leadership succeeded in eliminating the rebels, including Pravin Gordhan and Derek Hanekom, it will strengthen the Zuma camp by replacing the rebels with its loyalists comrades.

In the meantime, the names of possible rebels are being circulated on social media. Even the name of the ANC’s main whip are suggested, along with the name of a former MP who has no longer been a member of parliament for quite some time.

Unfortunately all this wil not aid to solve the chaos that is occurring in the Parliament at the moment.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans at Die Vryburger

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