ANC Parliament Members lives in fear of Malema and now ask for protection

Members of the Parliament representing the ANC are afraid of Julius Malema and his 24 parliamentarians and now ask for protection, said the speaker, Baleka Mbete.

Baleka made the comment yesterday and apparently referred the matter to a committee to set up and to look after members’ safety.

Her comment was made in Pretoria in the presence of several journalists, but she did not directly mention the Malema party by name, but it was evident to whom she referred.

According to her, the ANC’s chief whip made it clear that he felt insecure against “the party disrupting the work of the House.”

She said several parties indicated that they needed stricter rules to protect their rights so that they could fulfill their duties in Parliament.

Political analysts say, however, that this is a new way to protect people with bodyguards that will be compensated by taxpayers.

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