All Hail Dictator Zuma

By Mike Smith
31st of March 2017

July last year, Zuma told people that if he could have his way he would like to be dictator for six months and straighten South Africa out.

If I were a dictator for six months South Africa would be straight

Part of his plan was to arrest all homeless and jobless people and send them back to school.

Well…now he has his chance. With his putsch last night and the firing of ten Ministers (Including finance minister Gordhan) , ten Deputy ministers and his challenge to South Africans to see if they can stop him, he effectively declared himself president for life and dictator of South Africa.

That is right, not just the Finance Minister…all his critics and those of his Indian friends…And why not? I mean if your Gupta bosses insist that you start swinging the axe so they can get to the taxpayer’s money, you might just as well do a proper job. If you are going to swing the machete do it all in one go and cut ALL the deadwood out, right?

Zuma has now surrounded himself with his Zulu loyalists, yes-men, cronies, gat-gabbas and puppets and managed to secure the keys to the purse of South Africa. If you thought theft and robbery of the state coffers were bad before…wait until you see what is coming now. He now also has the support to confiscate land and possession as he pleases. Nobody is going to stop him seeing that his big mate and utter racist Fuckface Mbalula is now Police Minister after he fucked up Sport and Bongani Mkongi the man who wanted to burn the building down with the inhabitants inside who flew the “Zuma must fall” banner in Cape Town, is now deputy police minister.

Zuma names 10 new ministers, 10 new deputies

Zuma to ANC members: “Remove me if you dare”

Zuma wants to amend the constitution to allow land grabs

The Rand is already in free fall and economic junk status is looming.

Junk status on the cards after Zuma’s night of the long knives

Of course Zuma is right. Nobody can remove him except the people of South Africa…and it is going to take a bloody revolution funded by our international banking friends, to do so. Any banker reading this…contact me.

Of course afterwards they want to be paid back, so somebody is going to have to sign over the gold and other mineral rights. I am so desperate to see this idiot gone that I can almost give the Devil a blowjob for it.

By Mike Smith

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