Admission That ANC And Zuma Were Corrupt?  Ramaphosa Is Rich, Won’t be tempted to steal: Mantashe

The ANC National Chairperson Gwede Mantashe said the party’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa is “rich” and would not be tempted to steal state resources.Mantashe was speaking at the wreath-laying ceremony honoring struggle icon OR Tambo on Friday.
“I have serious questions about the intellect of senior ANC figures. Are these people basically morons? Are they people with low IQperhaps?? These people can stand up on a podium and basically talk crap for hours and say nothing. The people in attendance basically come for the free chicken, because they certainly cant come to listen to the speeches.

This is what Gwede Mantashe, spineless weasel that he is, had to say on a wreath laying ceremony on Friday, as reported in Timeslive :

” “When there is a leadership of the ANC there is basic requirement that leadership must analyse the movement broadly. Weakness of the last two or three years has been the personification of politics. We can’t talk personal politics‚ we must talk ANC.”

I also heard a report on RSG yesterday that Mantashe said that JZ783 is going nowhere, contradicting above statement which seems to say #783 must rather go.

So either RSG radio was wrong or Mantashe contradicted himself. I dont know which but with morons like Mantashe anything is possible. We know that Mantashe changes his mind often, that is why you have the new word in the SA lexicon – to mantash [ which means you change your mind ]  –  DANIEL SUTHERLAND”

“We have a president who has money, who’s wealthy, who will not be tempted to steal… He is the president of the ANC. He is wealthy, he is rich. If he steals we will ask him why do you steal because you have enough?” he said.

Mantashe’s comments come just a few weeks after the ANC elected its new top leadership, a move that many hope will close a decade-long chapter characterized by seemingly unstoppable corruption scandals.

Mantashe said the biggest challenge facing the party was to save its image and reputation.

“You can’t have an ANC that is seen as synonymous with corruption. It can’t be. We can’t have an ANC that is having a trust deficit between itself as a movement of the people and the people.”


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