A “War Of The Flea” In South Africa?

i have an aryan dream (Large)


It is to live in an exclusively all White, Boer nation where my folk and I can live peacefully as healthful Aryans without parasite jews and without their negroid and mixed race proxy armies attacking my folk and destroying our White civilization.

As a White man, I long for a nation without jew supremacism and terrorism, International Zionism, Communism, Capitalism and all other degenerate, anti-White jewish philosophy. I have a dream that all White folks will live in harmony in a society where every White man, woman and family will benefit from their own creativity and hard works along with reaping the benefits of the natural resources Mother Nature provides within the borders of our nation!

Today it seems unlikely my dream will come true as the governments and military-industrial infrastructures within all of our White nations are no longer our own. They have been slowly infiltrated and taken over by the enemy international jew who uses his poisonous lies, influence and foreign hordes of non-White proxy armies to destroy and make those of us Whites still residing in our own lands become disenfranchised, uncomfortable, unwelcome and in danger of our own lives. Our enemies are so hateful and brutal they have even made it illegal for us to merely speak out let alone actually stand up for our own best interests in our own lands! As a result my people, history, culture and heritage is being erased before my eyes!

Will White folks ever stand up to and resist our enemies?

Every day I am reminded of the struggle my folks and I face when I see negroids littering, pissing and shitting in the streets… negroids murdering, raping, pillaging and destroying White people within the country my White ancestors built! Finally, some White folks are getting angry, however it seems nobody has any solutions nor will do anything about this jew inflicted-negroid and mixed race problem!

I often think to myself, are there any other strong White, Aryan men out there who are as fed up as I am? Where are they? Will anything ever change?

aryan thinking (Large)

I’ve also thought to myself, if anything is ever to change maybe a thorough examination of past struggles and movements might help me to learn and recognize successful strategies and tactics that would help my folk, as well as the pitfalls which must be avoided.

One such examination I’ve looked into is “War of the Flea”, written by Robert Taber. Originally published in 1965, the book takes a detailed and critical look at the conditions and strategy of guerrilla war. Taber draws his conclusions from an analysis of the patterns that repeat across a variety of past struggles. A closely interwoven narrative of specific real world examples and abstract theory & strategy, “War of the Flea” presents an easily accessible yet very informative mapping of guerrilla anti-colonial and liberation wars. He outlines the guerrilla struggle as being primarily a ‘political’ engagement, rather than one of military force.

The goal of the guerrilla, lone wolf or insurgent group is not to militarily defeat the enemy who’s lording over them, but to create a ‘climate of collapse’ in which it becomes impossible for the status-quo to maintain rule as their house of cards come tumbling down around them. I can only imagine how quickly the negroid and mixed race proxy armies of the enemy will scatter once the head of the jew snake is cut off. The conditions will then be right for White people to reclaim our nation and remove the rest of those who don’t belong.

war of the flea (Large)

Taber notes, guerrilla warfare consistently follows a three-stage strategy.

The First Stage:

Strategic defensive. The lone wolf or small cell picks and focuses on targets, (enemy individuals and institutions) while avoiding any serious confrontation with the overwhelming force of the opponent.

The Second Stage:

The struggle moves into a phase of strategic stalemate, wherein neither side has the force nor resources necessary for a decisive victory.

The Third Stage:

As the guerrilla group builds the necessary strength and the opponent group suffers a slow eroding of its power base. (thanks to the ‘climate of collapse’) The conflict moves in the strategic offensive stage, where the guerrilla force takes the initiative and brings down their enemy.

Can these tactics be applied to our own situation?

The core of Taber’s analysis of a staged strategy, focusing first on survival and irregular action against strategic targets and then scaling up to more coordinated and decisive action as more individuals take the initiative to join. While all out armed battles of any sort are unwise, the principles that have made the “War of the Flea” successful over and over around the world hold much promise for us if we’re ready to learn from them and develop our own unique strategies for waging and winning a decisive war against our enemies.

The guerrilla or lone wolf model of dismantling an oppressive anti-White reign of terror will never be a realistic option without the loyalty and material support of the White population. Additionally, the guerrillas in all the conflicts Taber cites were fought for greater self-determination. They were not fighting against the basis of their own folk and society, but as a resistance movement against an enemy who has oppressed them and taken over their civilization.

What type of civilization do we want our White children to inherit?

white country NOT (Large)

Will my dream of a nation exclusively for Boers and nations for all other White folk around the world ever come true?

*Author’s note*

Are you a White South African who foolishly turned in your weapons because the anti-White government and churches told you to?
Are you now without a weapon and unable to protect yourself and family when it comes your time to be Genocided?
Here is an “educational video” nod, nod, wink, wink that may help you with your problem and may even lead you to coming up with better ideas to create homemade protection.


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