The older generation might remember that time back in the 1970’s when John Vorster decided to create a new nation. The term “Coloured”, in reference to a particular section of the South African population, was problematic. Uncle John came up with a new scheme. Coloured people would, in future, be referred to as “Plurals”.
The new nation of “Plurals” didn’t survive long.

The one born last weekend, called “Eurokaner”, was stillborn. I want to predict that all about the “Eurokaner” will blow over sooner than what we expect.

So what WAS the shortlived “Eurokaner”? According to the creators of the term, it refers to South Africans of European descent NOT speaking Afrikaans. In truth thus: All white English speaking South Africans – Portuguese, Greek, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian…as long as they don’t speak Afrikaans.

So if you decide to marry an English-speaking girl and your home language becomes English, you migrate from being Afrikaner to becoming Eurokaner, or the other way round. If, (God behold!), you decide to raise your children in a bilingual environment, their father is an Afrikaner, their mother a Eurokaner and they will be, one would suppose, Eurafricans…we haven’t yet reached the creation of the last one. Does this not sound EXACTLY like dr Verwoerd’s Population Registration Act, where black people living in the backyards of white employers in neighbourhoods formerly belonging to black trusts were refered to as “black spots inide white spots in former black areas.”

What utter and complete bollocks. Does the creator of the term realize what he is implying? Or should the question rather be: Are they very astutely aware of what they are trying to create here?

If one third of the white population of the country now suddenly become “Eurokaners”- on which grounds do they justify their presence here? After generations of contributing to South Africa, of fighting side by side in the border war, of being victim of racism and Affirmative Action and discrimination, one Sunday afternoon they suddenly become legalized immigrants in their own country again. “Euro-“kaners. People belonging to Europe. Add-ons. The “Go back to Europe, you land thieves!’ people of aggressive black politics. What an insult to an entire group of people!

The remaining two thirds are now Afrikaners. Absolutely no different from the “Eurokaner” in terms of values, heritage, outlook, experience of existence in their country of birth – even speaking a language born from the languages of the “Eurokaners”, but still different, with a difference hardly anybody can define. Because they are now the add-on Africans. By being called “Afrikaner” admittedly part of Africa, but by not being “Eurokaners” not entitled to their culture, heritage and Western value system born from a European heritage. In other words, the entire white population of the country is robbed of their identy.

And of course in the new definition, there is no provision for the group identifying as “Boer.”

“Right Good Hopers, let’s meet next Sunday morning after breakfast, create a new nation, re-define an existing one and completely ignore the existence of the smallest one. See you there!” Does this sound like sanity?

Frankly, to me this sounds like a very carefully constructed plot to create division amongst white South Africans again. Now, at the very point where the Spur-action and the Jacaranda FM action gives clear evidence that the white South African (Boer and Afrikaner, which includes English speaking Afrikaners, by default) are finally starting to unite to a common cause and re-establishing their position in their own country, it is absolutely vital to divide and conquer again. We need to drive them apart before they become too strong!

So what do we do? Exactly what we did in the mid 1980’s when the Conservative right wing became too strong – dig up an old argument from 1902, use the extreme right wing and see to it that “Boer” and “Afrikaner” become entangled in a fight, while we quietly sell the country to the Communists behind their backs. Go read up the minutes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where a former National Intelligence officer testified to this.

Only, this time, we dig up an old argument from the 1920’s when Hertzog and Creswell struggled to unite and heal the differences between English and Afrikaans speaking white people. It took us 70 years to start healing from that. So this time, let’s create division between English and Afrikaans speakers again by digging up the old argument. Let’s create “Eurokaner”, exactly like we did in the 1980’s, and while Afrikaners and “Eurokaners” tackle each other, we quietly sell out what remains of the country. And making a bundle from it, no doubt!

That is how obvious and transparent it is.

And only very naïve and very stupid people will fall for it. Alas, we notice, there are some of those. Fortunately they are very few and equally fortunately the master brains behind this scheme revealed themselves for all too see.
No Afrikaner steps into the same trap twice. You underestimated us again!

By: Daniel Lötter/Front National South Africa

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