A Final Word On Resistance – Mike Smith

After ten years of blogging and more than 2000 articles, I have decided to stop.   That’s it; simply stop. I will not bore you with my reasons and you don’t have to worry about commenting. Comments have been disabled anyway. 

…but before I go I will leave you with a last thought on resistance.

We Proved That Evil Should Not Be Tolerated

During the three decades from the 1960’s to the 1980’s when the ANC and their Communist masters were banned the ANC was thoroughly beaten into submission.

In Angola, our soldiers, white, coloured, black and Indian, fought the Communist empire to a standstill and thoroughly beat them militarily. It proved that there was no reason to tolerate evil.

That is how it should have stayed, but then came the lies and the betrayal.

How We Got Ourselves Into This Mess

The United Nations and the world at large had economic, cultural and sports sanctions against us due to our internal politics.

Whether one agrees with Apartheid or not is irrelevant. Apartheid was not a perfect political system, but then again no system is and besides, there were other systems far worse than Apartheid at the time.

What is relevant is the fact that the hypocritical Marxist dominated UN interfered in our internal politics in a blatant contradiction to their own rules of non-intervention that say in Chapter 1, Article 2.4 “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

Further, in 1981 the UN issued the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States in which they affirmed that “The General Assembly, reaffirming, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, that no State has the right to intervent directly or indirectly for any reason whatsoever in the internal or external affairs of any other State.”

Our foreign Affairs department under Minister Pik Botha, should have nailed the UN on that point and should have gone to court in The Hague about it. They failed spectacularly in their task and rather decided to turn on South Africans.

Despite having the strongest military on the continent and being a nuclear power we were told by our leaders at the time, that if we willingly disarmed ourselves and laid down our weapons and stopped our military training, that we would be taking the morally higher ground and be a shining example of peaceful co-existence to the world.

We were told that the Berlin wall has fallen, that Communism was dead and that there was no more need to resist or fight Communism.

In the early 1990’s we were sold a lie about blacks in South Africa. We were coerced into believing that the only solution to South Africa’s problems was “peaceful co-existence” with Marxist terrorist scum and basically with a gun towards our heads and a panga to our throats we were told that the alternative would be a bloody racial civil war.

We were also shown an easy way out. We were promised the world; sanctions would disappear, and we would be able to compete in the Rugby and Cricket World Cups and the Olympics again. We were sold a dream of peaceful co-existence in a Rainbow Utopia…

All it would take from us to achieve this peaceful co-existence would be a deep felt apology for doing nothing other than resisting evil and then we could all reconcile and if we whites were only a little bit more tolerant, more accommodating and more understanding of evil that we would all live together in peace and prosperity.

On the 2nd of February 1990, the last white president of the Republic of South Africa, arch traitor F.W. de Klerk, having no valid reason whatsoever, unconditionally freed the terrorist scumbag Nelson Mandela and unbanned the Marxist terrorist ANC and the SA Communist Party, effectively allowing 7000 armed and trained Communist terrorists to enter South Africa.

The rationale for this idiotic step was the prospect of “peaceful co-existence” with a defeated and humiliated enemy instead of following through and finishing the job once and for all.

The ANC was given a new lease on life, allowed to grow strong and build itself up again. Death and chaos followed in the wake of their People’s War.

Despite this violence, threats and coercion, two thirds of the whites of South Africa fell for all these lies about peace, disarmed themselves, stopped military training and chose to be ruled by Marxist terrorist rubbish in the name of “peaceful coexistence”.

The Codesa talks were started and the whites were assured that they had nothing to fear, that there would be “Checks and Balances”. Little did they realise that their leaders were busy selling them out.

One thing that our own history, more specifically the brutal murder of Piet Retief and his 70 men, has taught us, is that disarming for the sake of an agreement and in the face of the enemy making plans to kill you, is not only stupid and illogical; it is unethical, because it leads to self destruction.

When you disarm, you rely on an “agreement” and the goodwill of the other side to stick to that agreement, but an agreement is useless unless you have the means to enforce it or back it up with force.

The Codesa agreement was just another Piet Retief situation. We disarmed ourselves and trusted in the good will of an armed enemy.

After the 1994 agreement. The ANC took control of our military and Police, whilst the whites had nothing.

Disarming ourselves in 1994, before the agreement was thoroughly enforced made all F.W. de Klerk’s “checks and balances” worthless.

But it was about to get worse, because in the 1992 referendum and the following 1994 general election, the liberal two thirds of the whites of South Africa committed political hara-kiri by believing they did something good for the country.

They did not realize at the time that they actually took the other third and everyone’s children and future descendents along with them into the abyss of evil.

We Tried “Peaceful Coexistence And It Did Not Work

In the last 23 years the ANC, a criminal, terrorist gang, posing as a legitimate government, has been re-elected, mostly by 90% black South Africans who support them and who have voted for them election after election.

The other day the IFP’s Chief Buthelezi said: “South Africa has never seen free and fair elections . He highlighted several fraudulent activities and cases the IFP presented to the IEC that have never been investigated.

Nevertheless, the extreme high crime statistics of South Africa, the brutal rapes, tortures and murders of approximately 70,000 whites at the hands of their black neighbours in the New South Africa, including about 4000 farm murders, make a mockery of any form of “peaceful co-existence” in South Africa.

Apartheid Or integration? What Is It That Blacks REALLY Want?

It appears that the more whites try to integrate with blacks, the more blacks resent them for it. There are many examples:

The DA’s former leader, Helen Zille, currently still Premier of the Western Cape, has dedicated her entire life to the upliftment of blacks. She strove for the liberty and equality of all in South Africa and an integrated society. Often she has donned traditional black attire to show her solidarity and willingness to integrate into South African society. She dances with them, cooks for them and she even speaks Xhosa fluently.

For all her efforts she has been scorned, mocked and ridiculed. She is under attack from blacks, constantly resented by them and has been accused of “racism” and of being a “colonial apologist” and a “capitalist puppet”.

In April 2017 the former head of the American NAACP, Rachel Dolezal visited South Africa. Dolezal, a white woman who self identifies as black, was ridiculed and mocked as a “race-faker” by South African blacks.

Black South Africans found her visit unsettling and offensive with some even calling for her to be thrown out of the country and banned from future visits.

Black South Africans asked, ”How dare she identify as black?”

The black Springbok player Siya Kolisi and his white wife Rachel, have experienced extreme racism, but not as one would expect from whites, but mostly from blacks.

In one of the messages, a certain “Charles” wrote: “Why do white hoes think they can fuck niggers! Fuck your own kind. Leave Africa and go back to Europe and leave our good men to our own beautiful black women.”

Siya Kolisi’s wife takes a stand against black racist trolls

It is clear from Main Stream Media reports and forums that blacks do not want whites to integrate with them, dress like them, dance like them, speak their languages, live amongst them, date them or marry them.

These facts alone exonerate Apartheid.

What The ANC And The EFF Politicians Want

Communism is not dead. The Communists want world conquest and they have made no secret about this. At the close of the Korean War US military intelligence captured a “Communist Timetable of Conquest“ in which they spelled out how they would first take Asia, then Africa, then Europe and finally America. Total conquest was to be completed by around 1973. US Senator William Knowland placed it in the Congressional Record under date of April 29, 1954, page 5708.

In it they said:

“Then a wave of revolution will sweep the whole continent of Africa and the imperialists and the colonizationists will be quickly driven into the sea.”

The former ANC Youth League leader and now leader of the radical EFF party, Julius Malema said they won’t slaughter whites, at least for now and Malema: Whites Will Get Land Too And Won’t Be Driven Into The Sea

Kenny Kunene the ex-EFF member and co-founder of the party says he’s always warned that Julius Malema’s hatred of white people is potentially genocidal. 

The official policies of the ANC as well as the behavior of its leaders have made it crystal clear what they want for whites in South Africa. They don’t want to peacefully co-exist with whites.

To the ANC, “peaceful co-existence” means whites should completely surrender everything they have and then leave the country or be thrown out. They want whites gone, preferably chased into the sea with a kick of retribution up the arse.

The thoroughly corrupt ANC president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, continuously sings disgusting hate filled anti-white songs such as “Dubula Ibhunu” (Shoot the Boer) which portrays whites as cowardly, raping dogs and “Awuleth’ Umshini Wami” (Bring me my machine-gun).

Mandela smiles as Zuma calls for his machine gun in front of 50,000 delirious supporters in Ellis Park Stadium

The ANC has further adopted a strategy of Radical Economic Transformation to steal white property and businesses.

The ANC is constantly seeking ways to expropriate white people’s land and property without compensation such as the Expropriation Bill

The ANC further drives the divisive racist policies of Affirmative Action and BEE.

There is no need and no justification whatsoever for practicing Affirmative Action and or Black Economic Empowerment AGAINST a minority of 9% whites.

It is mathematically impossible for this minority to pose any threat to black jobs or black business. It is further impossible that such a minority can pose a threat to positions for black students at university or in positions of sport. Besides if there is a shortage of university space then one can build more universities; don’t exclude people who want to study and who were born after Apartheid on the basis of race.

It doesn’t take much to see then that the true purpose of Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry is not the empowerment of Blacks, but the disempowerment of whites.

Since then the ANC has constantly spoken about the continuation of their “struggle” and their incomplete “National Democratic Revolution”.

It is clear that the Communist conquest of South Africa cannot and never will be complete without the complete eradication of all whites from the country.

Therefore one has to conclude that any form of peaceful co-existence with an organization or group of people hell bent on our destruction is impossible.

How Times Have Changed

For too long the banking, mining and business communities have felt that they could carry on doing business with the corrupt ANC. The naïve argument was that one does not fight those that one does business with, but the last 23 years has shown the paranoia, the utter corruption and rot in the ANC’s business ethics.

The arms deal scandals, the countless Gupta scandals, the Shabir Shaik scandals, the Jackie Selebi scandals…have all proven that the ANC’s ultimate goal was and is to steal the country into bankruptcy. The ANC never had any intention to do honest, honourable business with anybody.

But times are changing. It took 23 years of complete misrule, corruption and theft for those black and white South Africans who once chose ANC rule to start seeing the light and to start seeing that they have all been fooled.

The two thirds of white people who once voted for their own genocide, now vote for the DA; A libtard organization, but not because they believe in its ideology, but because it forms an opposition to the ANC. When one looks at it like that, then the whites are far more united in opposition than we might believe.

About ten years ago, South Africa was a different place. Most whites were still in a Mandela, Rainbow Nation trance. The media, academics, artists and liberals were all thoroughly pro ANC and pro New South Africa.

In this climate of universal deceit, standing up and speaking the truth was indeed a revolutionary act. But a few tenacious bloggers, of which I was one, stood up, fought against the dying of the light and refused to go quietly into the night.

Blogs like Praag, Adriana Stuijt, South Africa Sucks, MSPC, etc decided to tell the truth about the silent genocide and the rot and ruin of South Africa.

We and our commentators were the ones who kicked loose the pebbles on the slope which have now become an unstoppable, thunderous avalanche of truth crushing the ANC.

The media has changed. The academics have turned against the ANC. Businesses are resisting their policies daily. The elephant in the room has grown too big and there is no way the stinking rot of corruption can be covered up anymore.

There is no way anybody can still morally defend the disgusting ANC.

The general feeling in the country is that something must be done. It cannot continue like this. The ANC must go.

But before we can decide what needs to be done it is imperative that we look at what the ANC and its supporters understand under “peaceful co-existence” and what they have in store for South Africa.

How The ANC Is Preparing Our Genocide

Although the whites effectively handed over all military weapons and affairs to the ANC in 1994, the ANC has continuously seeked the further disarmament of white South Africans through draconian firearm laws.

They have disbanded the commando system that kept farmers safe whilst secretly keeping and training private armies such as the MK Veterans Association, Narysec youth brigade, ANC Youth League, Young Communist League and the ANC Women’s league.

In the ANC’s strategy of ”People’s War,” women and children are simply expendable foot soldiers.

Thousands of firearms have been stolen from police stations and military storage to be sold to black criminals.

In seven years from 2004 to 2011 the SA Police have “lost” 20,429 firearms

At a rate of about 3000 weapons missing per year , this means that in the 23 years since ANC rule, the South African police alone have put 70,000 weapons in the hands of criminals waging a criminal insurgency on white South Africans.

Then we are not even talking about the missing weapons from military bases.

In the light of these facts and figures, it is absurd to think that “peaceful co-existence” is achievable in South Africa.

Why We Need To Re-Arm

If co-Existence is impossible then the only alternative is co-REsistance. One either resists or one is conquered.

Therefore, if we want our country back that was captured by the Guptas and the ANC then we have no other choice, but to set up a parallel government, train a new military and rearm ourselves. That is the only way to enforce any agreement, with unreasonable people.

The fight is not over yet and true to my promise and pledge, that I have always maintained, the day I close this blog down is the day the ANC should start worrying, because that means that the fight has now shifted into top gear and all my time and effort will now be concentrated on eradicating them once and for all.

I want you to do the same. I want every South African to resist the ANC with every fibre in your body. Defy them. Defy their bullshit racist laws. Smash the ANC. Let not even a spec of blood remain.

So with that I bid you a fine good bye, but not a farewell. We will meet each other again one day…

See you at the Equator! 

Smith Out.

By Mike Smith
19th of June 2017

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