How The ANC Took Control Of South Africa 

We all know that Ramaphosa of the (ANC) African National Congress was involved in negotiations with the National Party from around 1991 and onward. Some call it peacekeeping. Admins would prefer to give it another name.

In 1993 came the CODESSA ACCORD. Here below (underneath the image is a more legible copy of this document) is the important part – page 2 of the memorandum the ANC submitted to their senior ANC members (underneath the image is a more legible copy of this document) . THEY HAD US ALL FOOLED.

When done watch the film documentary posted earlier titled “Tainted Heroes” (video below)

take over of south africa

CIRCULAR NO. 213-6                      AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS                      JUNE 1993



1.    The armed and constant threat of violence forced the white spineless regime to negotiate for so-called peace.

2.    The psychological warfare through the churches to create a guilt complex with whites was a victory                      over Christians.

3.    The MASS ACTION was a successful method to rip the nation’s economy to pieces and to create panic of the                  rich settlers.

4.     The constant uproar in Black Education fourth key to liberation through education because the white regime                 simply cannot meet all our demands.

5.      All four tactical attacks leave the regime powerless and gradually giving in to our demands.

6.      All these to help create a feeling of helplessness and despair and to lose confidence in their Government.  Be                  careful not to upset the farmers too much before we gain control over the SAP and SADF.

7.       The constant pressure of violence and economic uncertainty force De Klerk to surrender power to the                               oppressed people without a war like in Namibia.


The greatest fear of the white settler is to lose his job, his far, his house and all the luxuries.  This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost, while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.

1.     Surplus land will be redistributed among out people.

2.     All positions in the Public Services will be replaced by comrades.

3.     The security forces will be reconstructed with our comrades to protect our people.  Whites were protected              for 350 years.  Let them experience to be second class citizens.

4.     No ammunition will be available to white settlers.

5.     Health Institutions will be Africanised and Whites will pay according to their income to enable them to                          contribute to their liberated brothers.

6.     Some White schools will be allowed because most settlers will pay their last cent for white                                  education  and this will provide more money for our people.

7.     Pension Funds and Insurance Companies collected billions over the years, will be to our disposal for                               education for our comrades in the years to come.

“Tainted Heroes”







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Guptas Must Be Treated With Dignity – Home Affairs Minister Mkhize

hlengiwe mkhize minister of home affairs

Minister of Home Affairs Hlengiwe Mkhize will not revoke members of the Gupta family’s citizenship if their businesses are sold and they relocate to Dubai, saying she wants the family to be treated with dignity.

During questions to the security cluster ministers, EFF MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi asked Mkhize what the exceptional business circumstances were that compelled her department to grant a certain family – Parliamentary parlance for the Guptas – citizenship.

Mkhize’s predecessor, current minister of finance Malusi Gigaba, granted some members of the controversial family – believed to be the centre point of a large state capture network – citizenship in 2015 after his departmental officials initially refused their applications.

Mkhize said the relevant legislation allows the minister of home affairs to grant South African citizenship under certain circumstances. She said in their case it was based on their “investment in the country”.

“They have stolen!” yelled EFF MPs.

Mkhize said there was sufficient evidence at the time that their businesses registered in the country were growing and they had up to 7000 permanent employees at their companies.

EFF Natasha Ntlangwini asked a follow-up question on behalf of Mkhaliphi.

“They have literally looted Prasa, Transnet SAA,” said Ntlangwini. “Would you give such criminals citizenship to your country?”

Mkhize answered, “If I was in that position in that time, the priority would be to look at their contribution to the growth of our economy. I would make sure to create a conducive environment for them to invest in the country.”

Ntlangwini said, “The minister of home affairs just confirmed that she would continue the looting!”

‘What investments are you talking about?’

After Ntlangwini DA MP Haniff Hoosen said the Guptas were now selling their businesses and were moving to Dubai.

“Will you revoke their citizenship?”

Mkhize answered, “We have looked at this issue. There are processes, you can’t go by hearsay.”

She said there is no information that they are no longer investing in South Africa.

“And if I give it [the information] to you?” Hoosen interjected.

Mkhize simply answered, “No.”

Then she added, “We have to treat people with dignity. We treat matters of this nature within the parameters of the law. We should be guided by the outcomes of that process.”

After her answer, a visibly livid DA chief whip John Steenhuisen said, off the microphone, but audible in the press gallery, “What a pathetic, pathetic answer. Defending the Guptas! Shame on you! Are you on their payroll as well?”

Agang MP Andries Tlouamma arose to ask his follow-up question to cries of “whoooo” from the ANC benches.

He started off saying it “seems everybody is under their control”.

“The Guptas stole our money, what investments are you talking about?” asked Tlouamma. He also asked if their citizenship was granted to please President Jacob Zuma and his family.

Mkhize said it was essential for the dignity of the House to be truthful.

Tlouamma jumped up and said, “It is public knowledge that Duduzane Zuma is doing business with the Guptas.” Duduzane is Jacob Zuma’s son.

Mkhize did not want to add anything to her earlier answer to Tlouamma.

By:  Jan Gerber/News24


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#WANTED:  Domestic Stole R80.000 Worth Of Property From A House In Honeydew

This woman was a domestic worker for a family domiciled in Roodepoort.

On Monday, 15 January 2018, she was let in to clean the house, as usual. When the family came home, they found that she had left the house as is and had stolen nearly R80 000 worth of their property…….. INCLUDING things of great sentimental value.

It is difficult to accept that someone can steal so much and just get away with it free, with no repercussions.
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Attacks On Whites In The Moot Valley – Seven Attempted Invasions In One Night !!

People please be ALERT ! The paw-paw has hit the fan.

Last night seven invasions took place in the street bordering my lower boundary in the Moot Valley. A group of 20 was involved.  Seven have been arrested… the rest are still on the run.

This morning at  01.45 am, I heard a commotion.  I got up and randomly switched on lights around the house and flushed the toilet.  This is a sign to the thugs that you are wide awake.
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Watchdog dismisses complaint about AWB and old SA flag on SABC

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) has dismissed a complaint about an SABC news report that depicted the old South African flag‚ AWB flag and German Swastika.

Television critic Thinus Ferreira lodged a complaint against the state broadcaster for its coverage of the Black Monday protests against farm murders in November 2017.
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Six die in a brutal police station attack at Ngcobo Police Station in the Eastern Cape

The chairperson of the portfolio committee on police has called for CCTV cameras to be installed in police stations across the country following the killing of five police officers and a soldier this morning.

Francois Beukman said the installation of the cameras would be an urgent implementation of police station safety which was in line with strong recommendations made by his team.
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Convicted Fraudster, Schabir Shaik is too busy to go to jail

Schabir Shaik is not being hauled back to jail. Instead the convicted fraudster is “very busy” at his Morningside home in Durban.

On Monday as hundreds of Twitter and Facebook users shared a hoax tweet claiming that he was going to be rearrested‚ the terminally ill parolee’s schedule was full.
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Malusi Gigaba – Prepare for a tough budget

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been pressuring the finance ministry to reduce spending and increase revenue, and South Africans should thus prepare for another tough budget, finance minister Malusi Gigaba told the Mail & Guardian.

Amid speculation that Gigaba could be reshuffled out of the paramount ministry by Ramaphosa after his takeover as head of state,
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‘Whose land will you take? Who is not our people?’ – Lekota

Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota has asked President Cyril Ramaphosa and Parliament who will decide who gets the land, if they go ahead with plans for land expropriation without compensation.

Ramaphosa told Parliament, during his maiden State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Friday, that the ANC will go ahead with plans to amend the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation.
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Farm murders and attacks the past weekend is shocking

Several farm attacks and murders have occurred this past weekend, and in one case, “Kort” Hans Meyer was brutaly killed on his farm near Charl Cilliers, a town near Secunda in the Eastern Transvaal.

Aranda Nel-Buitendag, FF + councilor in the Govan Mbeki municipality, said this form of violence against the country’s food suppliers has long been handed out and it’s time to declare farm attacks and murders to priority crime.
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Explosion erupts at Johannesburg International Airport

There was an explosion at the Johannesburg International Airport.

A person on the scène at the airport has informed Die Vryburger and confirmed it.

At this point of time, no official statement is issued by the airport company or the police yet
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#FARMATTACK: Couple Remain Calm During Farm Attack – Shoot One Thug In The Face – Vredendal

A family of Vredendal in the Western Cape says they are “grateful to still be alive” after they were the victims of another farm attack on Saturday shortly before midnight.
On Sunday Nico Greeff said he and his wife, Rene, woke up at 23:30 when their dogs barked aggressively.
Greeff says although the couple did not immediately notice anything suspicious, they were awoken a few minutes later by very loud hammering and noise.
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Only stagnant pools remain after the Zunami

Former president Jacob Zuma’s rambling monologue on the SABC on Wednesday afternoon wasn’t just an arrogant, delusional act of defiance in the face of the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) instruction to step down as head of state.

It was his final act of working outside the structures of the governing party, and of the state, and of using the resources that his deployment to government had enabled him to pursue his own agenda, often to the detriment of both.
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Community and police joins hands after brutal murder of fifteen year old girl

Community and police joined hands against the brutal murder and rape of a 15 year old girl in Motherwell.

This follows after the body of 15 year old Ntombikayise Socenywa was found on Saturday, 10 February 2018 at 13:00. Her naked body was found wrapped in plastic in a drain in an open field in NU5, Motherwell. A post mortem revealed that she was raped and strangled.
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